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Report: McLemore’s AAU coach took agent money Cobb counts his much larger bundle from the anonymous Kensucky geezer. He scoffs, "Ten thousand!?! Ha! They thought they could get me for ten thousand!" "I told them more or else...!"
-NOW- I'm rolling!

Looks like Darius Cobb double f'd his student-buddy McClemore.

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KU freshman Ben McLemore earns All-America honors

I did. Or was that not a question? :)

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Kansas-Carolina more than coaches

It doesn't matter if you are tight or loose if you come to play angry. Bring the anger boys!

Roy has his guys all juiced up over the seeding. He's told them they are disrespected and they'll have to beat Kansas to get that back.

The hatred of Roy has dissipated but our motivation to beat a rival blue should not.

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Roy riled up about UNC's seed, not possible KU match-up

Looks like after the poor season the money stepped in and said, "Cal what do we need to buy you to make sure next season isn't a repeat?"

A fancy new Randle it is!


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Hilltopper ‘owes’ Elijah Johnson

Come to play boys! This will be the Hilltopper's NC, they will bring everything they have.

Shut them down with suffocating defense right away. Crush their spirit, and stuff the hoop. This is the tourney, it is not the time to be concerned with fresh legs or anything about the next game.

Prepare the mind to bring it all from here on out. Every team you face will be doing just that.

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Wildcats: Jeff Withey 'changed the game on defense'

I'd like to see all those posters who used the term "ChenoWithey" (two years ago) to come out and make a pledge to see a KU player's development through before being so cruel.

Jeff has altered much more than field goals around here. Jeff is a bada$$. Jeff stuck it out and prevailed against all the criticism to become this team's rock and KU's top shot blocker.

I recall an article where Aldrich was being praised for his great defensive presence when he stated that Jeff was a better shot blocker than he in practice. Not many took that statement seriously then. Any doubts now?

Thank you Withey for all you've given KU

Now I'd like to see the Tourney serve him some fresh meat. Our conference foes have definitely become weary and keep their distance. I'd love to watch some nonbelievers come meet their maker in the paint!

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Former Kansas guard Sherron Collins watches from the stands during the second half of the second rou

Nice thing to say about one of KU's all time greats and one of the most passionate players ever.

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Jayhawks try to refocus with players-only meeting

Sure, there is a few accidental wise bits in the bible. As people with actual brains though, let's be honest, most of it is crap. Same could be said about a Danielle Steele novel.

Good job with the name calling though, real charm. I bet you almost "opened" a mind!

Why don't we keep these superstitions out of our sports discussions?

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Staying the course: Bill Self, Jayhawks not panicking over skid

Cultivate their headspace Bill

They need focus. Focus is not effort, intensity or want to. Focus is not playing tight, playing with nerves. It is not about how sweaty your jersey is or how hard you can cry after a loss.

Focus is a calm preparedness for all scenarios. It is a clearing of the slate, a lax of expectations, a clear view of your role, your own limitations and a ready and willingness to adapt on the spot.

Focus is clearing the mind of all excitement, regrets, hesitations, or questions from the last battle by the morning after. It's disengagement before reengagement.

If you are surprised, confused, and agitated by the improbability of what is going wrong, and find yourself sweating blood to make up for them, you have not been focused.

The boys fought hard against Bradley, Bucknell, UNI, VCU, TCU. All different teams for KU. All had proven winners, competitors, skilled players, good chemistry, the X's and O's down pat, each fought to the end and were shocked to the core.

Each game the shots just didn't fall and it seemed like theirs did every time. Lucky threes. Come on call a foul refs. How can the ball pop out of the rim like that? Thoughts like those above are an early sign of defeat. A defeat that happened days before the game began.

Occasionally things just don't work out. Sometimes shots don't fall. But has a bigger picture pattern emerged?

Shots not falling is ok, but if your best shooters aren't the ones getting shots off then it isn't. If your point guards are trying as hard as they can at doing the wrong thing isn't that a misappropriation of energy.? Hard to see these things clearly in the midst of battle. If you have already seen this scenario in your mind and prepared for it with a calm head then you will not lose focus, you will know what course to take.

An HCBS team will always be focused for the "big" opponent. As for the little guys, lets take a minute, and remember we'll have to come just as well prepared for any scenario. Panic is not an option.

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First to ‘worst’: Lowly TCU stuns Jayhawks

HA! Awesome! I wouldn't go back and trade for a win if it means I don't get to read this!
Keep'em a come'n multiple jays hok, best post all day.

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