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Bill Self to visit nation’s top-ranked preps

I agree. Once T-Rob got his handles together, he started initiating breaks from long rebounds and steals. It only works to a high percentage when it happens naturally in the flow of the game. And, of course, when the kid has the adequate abilities.

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KU’s Bill Self on road pursuing point guards

Not every school in Fla. is Sasha Kaun's HS. Kaun went to Florida Air Academy in Melbourne. Monteverde Academy is on the other side of Orlando, over an hour away. But I like your thinking, and enthusiasm, Crooner! I agree, could be a special recruiting class like the one from 05 or whatever (Mario, Rush, etc.)

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KU, Self take look at Class of 2014

Tell your little brother to get to work!

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Magic hire former KU guard Jacque Vaughn as head coach

Congrats to JV! What a great team he led back at KU! Unfortunately he is being put into an extremely difficult situation for his first head coaching gig. At least he's not working for MJ.

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Cole Aldrich MIA at camp

I think Cole is probably being challenged by OKC staff to improve his offensive skill set. But what Cole really needs to work to maintain is his lower body strength. That will help him to rebound and play solid D, which is really his strength. If he loses that, he won't last long in the league.

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Future KU PG boosts stock

To be fair, I'm bet you are including BMac and Traylor in this years class, and that does make it a lot closer :)

Ok, I'm super psyched too! Hope we are deep enough at guard.

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Future KU PG boosts stock

Wright (8), Chalmers (12), Rush (13), Downs (28)
Referred to as the "Fab Four" when they arrived on campus in 2005

This class is great, but no comparison in my book.

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KU signee Ellis named national player of the year

Congrats to Ellis! Can't wait to see him at KU. No doubt in my mind that his great scholastic work was a factor, as well as his obvious leadership qualities. Just looks like a dream to coach!

Woolridge news makes me sad, although it sounds like it wasn't a surprise.

I like the idea of adding a couple more guards to get some competition going. Tharpe showed some signs, but the cupboard looks pretty bare after next season.

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2006-2007 Jayhawks to be enshrined in KU Hall of Fame

You think Weber is a better hire? Come on! Time will tell, but Got Lieb?'s (I like that one) analysis of TRob isn't that unfair. Guys get sped up at the next level and look what happens to TRob when he speeds up (first of of Championship game). I just hope that Gottlieb is underestimating the Beast factor. If TRob isn't counted on to score, he could really own the boards.

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2006-2007 Jayhawks to be enshrined in KU Hall of Fame

Agree entirely! I think a lot of us saw way more potential in the Truth than the coaching staff. Jacque Vaughn on the cover of SI confused the issue even more with the media. I am still shocked that Pierce fell all the way to the Celts at 9. Couldn't believe it and still can't. I'll never forget Pierce draining a three in his last game at AFH and the crowd chanting "one more year". Yeah, right! He was only there to make a run with what I still think is the best KU team of my lifetime.

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