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Opinion: Jayhawks old, new entertain in games

Exactly. I seem to remember a quote about he and TRob going to hook up for big things. He was probably on the court with TRob a total of 40 minutes all season.

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Top shots: A look at Bill Self’s best shooting guards

This is better than the lists above. But I would switch Taylor and McLemore purely on the body of work In Jayhawk uniform. Assessments are right on.

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KU-UNC connection continues with Brad Frederick hire

Brian shaw it is then.

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KU's Self, others not fans of college basketball transfer rule

Maybe he's just trying to ease his conscious for getting such a good deal from Memphis. Tarik black is a no lose for KU, and could be a huge win for Tarik as well if the fresh start translates to growth from his soph year stats.

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Analyst: Nobody knows Andrew Wiggins’ pick

Right. And look at the woman next to his right. She is looking at her phone. She clearly doesn't care about KU either. Just wearing a KU tee shirt and appears to have a KU button or something on her headband. Maybe the photo was taken while there was no game action, so maybe it's not indicative of his interest.

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Rio Adams a goner; Ben McLemore decides today

I just hope he gets a conservative financial planner and listens. Too many of these guys never get a second contract, and after living the lifestyle for a few years, end up with very little. That being said, I believe Ben will easily be a 10 year nba player. Just hope he's careful. He's overcome too much to risk it.

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Jayhawks bemoan end for seniors

I don't know. If it was me, I'd probably relish the underdog role the name gives. No expectations. Go prove the "experts" wrong. Probably depends on the kid's personality.

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Jayhawks bemoan end for seniors

EJ had a horrible night. I was screaming at my tv for Self to take him out during the entire last 4 minutes of the game. That being said, who was going to replace him? His head wasn't right, and he made a ton of mistakes. BUt that's KU's team this year and I guess we have to live with it. Frankly, EJ had a bad year because Tyshawn left and Naa couldn't really fill that role. Naa is still a defensive liability and not truly a slashing drive threat. His shot is also still too inconsistent. ISU was an anomaly for EJ. He really didn't play well all season. That being said, there is NO WAY KU GETS TO THE FINAL LAST YEAR WITHOUT EJ. So let's not be too quick to be glad to rid our team of him. I think his play this season was more about the combination of guards on this team and their stages of development.

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Jayhawks bemoan end for seniors

Did anyone see the handshake line after the NC game? One thing that jumped out at me was how sincerely Roy Williams was congratulating KU players (no surprise since he appears to genuinely root for KU). All the players seemed to smile, and take time to thank him, especially Releford. Adams, on the other hand, did not even make eye contact with Williams, and seemed to blow him off rather dismissively. Pissed me off when I saw it. Am I imagining this or did anyone else see it? I think there could be some real maturity issues with that one.

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Kansas arrives in Dallas, ‘excited’ to meet Michigan

My understanding is that Vegas sets the spread to keep the money even. That way they win either way. All the 2 points tell us is that the money is coming in on KU. The real question is whether or not the much larger fan base of KU bets, and whether they bet with their emotions as so many do. The game is gonna come down to whether or not EJ can keep Burke in front of him. What I fear is a repeat of Baylor.

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