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Hutchinson running back chooses Jayhawks

Excellent news!

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Ole Miss official: Kansas hasn't inquired about Rebels coach Nutt

Does the flirtation with Nebraska come to anyone's mind? Houston Nutt acted like he wanted the Nebraska job to work a raise at Arkansas. Perhaps he is doing the same with Ole Miss?

Don't get me wrong, I would be glad with this hire and it would be a homerun, but there could be other motives in play here.

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Musings during massacre

Phillip Fulmer.
Fulmer has the SEC recruiting connections (the SEC region of America seems to have excellent talent, the majority homegrown. For examples of the results, see the end of season polls for the last 5 years) Fulmer also seems to have that good ole' boy mentality like Bill Self.

Some suggest Skip Holtz from a name recognition perspective. I don't buy that at all due to the whole Charlie Weiss debacle at Notre Dame. He had a name and couldn't do much with it.

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KU football ranked 15th, 17th in polls

KU just needs to win one game at a time and the polls will work themselves out. Finding some improvements on defense should be the priority, not a poll position.
Also, some of the earlier comments talk about the importance of polls for BCS. The AP poll is not used by those rankings. The Harris Poll, USA Today Coaches, and a compilation of the computer rankings are used for BCS placement. I don't believe that the AP Poll goes into the computer rankings.

Also, @westcoast - I believe Herbstreit had us ranked last week at 18th.

To follow a previous poster, just beat Colorado.

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How Keegan voted

Well, at least Keegan did not rank Mizzou like all of the ESPN/ABC guys did to help elevate the matchup against Nebraska for Thursday night. Also, Kirk Herbstreit of ABC finally ranked the Hawks. He did not have them in a ballot the first few weeks and now elevated them to 18 during a bye week. As we can see, AP voters are all over the charts and these rankings don't mean anything until the end of the year (well, the Coach's and Harris polls). KU just needs to win each week and everything will get sorted out.

I, for one, am excited that the pollsters have started to back themselves into a tough spot. Having Boise State ranked so high, so early is going to hurt them at the end. Most likely they will be undefeated and there is a good chance the SEC will have 3 one loss teams (LSU and Florida play, also Alabama and LSU, then the SEC championship which will most likely be Florida vs. LSU/Alabama). They will continue to move up and will wreak havoc on the BCS. I hope this helps push for a playoff.

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KU football moves up to 16th, 18th in national polls

Holy cow, Keegan voted Iowa 7th!

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KU football moves up to 16th, 18th in national polls

There are a many (11) national people not ranking KU...mainly the talking heads at ESPN/ABC (Except Craig James). Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit, in particular, continue to shut KU out of their Top 25 rankings.

Go to to get a's addicting.

Of course, we learned yesterday that we have a lot of work to do on the line. We had limited D-Line pressure (yes, SMU rolled the pocket a ton to negate our rush) but our O-Line was blown up several times. I am happy for the bye week to get some good work done.

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Shades of Orange? KU could start 4-0 again


Do you have any idea how college football scheduling is handled? Games are sometimes set as much as two year in advance. For example, the KU - Georgia Tech series is set for the next two years. Georgia Tech has had flashes of brillance and looked awesome when that was originally agreed upon. This year, they are struggling more than they have. Who knows what that team will be like the next two years. Will they be a "cupcake" or a top 10 team. No one knows.

Southern Miss should not be considered a cupcake, either. If I am not mistaken, they are one of only two D-1 (FBS) schools to have a winning record the last 15 years. 1993 was the last time they were .500 or below. I don't care who you are, that's doesn't happen any more to ANY team. Let the numbers show that this is a solid football team. If this were a cupcake, it would be one that has hardened and will be more of a challenge to eat (beat)

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