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Seldom-used 4-guard lineup coming to a Kansas basketball team near you

Self showing some flexibility I didn't know he had in him. I know this is against every fiber in his being. Prediction. If our team 3P% is over 34% this year we win the title (imo this will take at least 4 players shooting 40+% ((last year we had 6 players above that mark, but we did not have Josh Jackson))). This is his chance to be like Popovich who, though he hates the 3 point line, recognizes its colossal impact and coaches to his players strengths instead of trying to impose his vision on them.

Go KU, I sense a title in Apr 2017.

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Wayne Selden Jr. trying to move past disappointment of going undrafted

Inconsistent effort, inconsistent results. NBA bench player at best, overseas bench player at worst. Best of luck, Wayne.

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Tom Keegan: Carlton Bragg's forecast quite bright

I've said on here a few times what a special player Bragg is going to become. His body frame is just perfect for today's game especially at the next His inside and outside shooting is already quite good and should only improve. Another ten to fifteen pounds of muscle, work on ball handling and defense over the summer. He will be a force next year at KU and in the League after that.

Plus his attitude is incredible. He's visibly joyful during games and his stank face when a team mate makes a play is Witheyesque. I LOVE this kid. The only KU Jersey I have is Hinrich's old number 10. Bragg might become the second.

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Mykhailiuk reveals on Twitter he's coming back for junior season

Also I guess Ferguson thinks we're the Duckhawks lol. Check the emoji he used to represent us. Pretty cute.

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Mykhailiuk reveals on Twitter he's coming back for junior season

Little to no chance of getting Ferguson. Josh Jackson took Selden's spot which is the same spot Ferguson would have played. 95% certain he'll be going to U of A.

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Diallo projected to go 26 in draft

Not sure how you don't think he's "athletic." Athletic traits include:

Strength, speed, jumping ability, flexibility, and other things you can make your body do that others might not be able to. Cheick can jump high and run fast. That's athletic by any definition worth using. He doesn't have much idea yet how to use his athleticism very effectively, so I would say he's not all that talented right now. But the NBA draft is always high on potential - if you have high-level athletic ability, some coach or GM will think they are the ones who can mold a great player from that clay. We'll see if that happens.

To my mind, it's good risk-management to go now, rather than try to wait until next year and improve his draft stock with another year in college. Big guys and injuries (especially to feet, back, and knees) are just too risky. He is smart to try to get paid now and worry about a second contract later, because rolling the dice and possibly getting injured in another year at KU means he may never get paid at all. It's a gamble, and I'd do the same thing in his shoes. Best of luck to you, Cheick.

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Jayhawks' Greene declares for NBA Draft

Going pro wasn't a real choice. It was that or get kicked off the team to free up a scholarship. "... player next year for the Jayhawks." was not an option.

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Jayhawks' Greene declares for NBA Draft

Brannen Greene will not play in the NBA next year.

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Jayhawks' Greene declares for NBA Draft

He "lost focus" because he's a passive-agressive pothead. Which is fine if you're a net-positive player, but not if you're not. He will play some ball in Europe or China, but the NBA has no use for him because he has no handles, no court vision, is a turnover-machine, and can't create his own shot. Things he could have developed at KU over three years, but chose not to.

His ONLY skill is spot-up 3's. When you turn the ball over or let the opponent break your ankles on defense whenever they so much as look or sneeze at you, you are a net-negative player. KU had very little use for him, and the NBA has NO use for him.

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