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'This is where I want to be': Clint Bowen provides continuity for KU football

I certainly hope so - that would be a win for everyone!

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'This is where I want to be': Clint Bowen provides continuity for KU football

I’m sure Clint is a great guy and at least a halfway decent coach. Coach Miles’ keeping him on board is testimony to this. I also hope that Coach Miles found a position for Bowen in which the latter can effectively contribute to the program while continuing to learn and grow.

This being said, I was disappointed to learn from this article that Clint Bowen is still around.

I love the KU sports coverage on this site and I enjoy perusing a few comments from time to time. Seldom do I post a comment - but I feel strongly enough about this to weigh in on this one.

Now I’m going back to enjoying watching Miles and Company rebuild this program with all the fabulous recruiting work they have been doing. Stories about all the great new talent they are bringing in have really made my day with each new addition!

Rock Chalk!

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'Embarrassing' road trip

John - no worries. Rock on.

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'Embarrassing' road trip

John - I apologize for my above post.

Likewise, I forgive you for the negativity you have expressed against me in your remark.

I wish you all the best.

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'Embarrassing' road trip

I agree. Zenger brought in Weis and should leave with him ASAP.

Let's get an AD who understands football and can build a real football program alongside a qualified coach of his choosing.

We deserve better than this.

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Realignment Today: What's the status with Conference Realignment Round 3 and how does it affect KU and the Big 12?

Thanks for the thoughts on VaTech, and also for the two links to recent stories!

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Realignment Today: What's the status with Conference Realignment Round 3 and how does it affect KU and the Big 12?

What about Virginia Tech? What has been their position throughout the two previous rounds of realignment? Is there any chance that they may have an interest in joining the Big 12?

Take the present ten members of our league and add Florida State, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, and Notre Dame.

And please throw out the name, "Big 12", if we stay at ten or move up to fourteen. SCC, for "South Central Conference" is still my favorite.

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First Fam, now MU: KU looking at void

Several contributors to this forum were discussing apt quotes in the posts above. How about this one?

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

I only wish we had an official countdown clock to the end of the Gill debacle.

As for future games in this rivalry, I am all for continuing it and for moving it back to the campuses of both schools. Change is in the air for both programs. We have no where to go but upwards, and Miz-who, as future bottom dwellers of the SEC Conference, will soon have to seriously consider changing their mascot to the catfish.

But over the past several years, we have witnessed quality coaches such as Pinkel and Snyder strengthen the football programs at our two biggest rivals. What has happened in Lawrence?

Compare the number of years in which KU has played in a bowl game against the total number of years KU has fielded a football team. This ratio is unacceptable - even more so, given how in recent years, we have invested in facilities to attract excellent recruits and build excellent teams. We should hold accountable not only the head football coach, but also the athletic director and the chancellor. We should boot Grey-Little along with Gill and put Zenger on notice that his career at KU will hinge upon how well the football program fares. The same should go for Grey-Little’s successor.

I simply refuse to accept any notion that KU will always be a “basketball (only) school”. And football has become all the more important, given the role it has played in recent realignment considerations.

So I hope that the “new beginning” which we are witnessing will lead to some great times for all of us - alum’s and their families, students, and athletes all included - not only in Memorial Stadium, but also in our rivals’ “houses” and in many bowl venues in the years to come.

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Conference realignment comes roaring back as reports of OU to Pac-12 resurface and SEC officially accepts A&M

All of these predictions, especially the lists of schools, remind me of March Madness, where everyone is sharing and defending their brackets.

I agree with Matt that KU will do fine.

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Realignment Review: Where do we go from here?

Thanks, Matt. And I like your point, here.

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