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Opinion: KU's stunning loss comes down to karma

That loose ball when all KU had to do was" fall on it". That play was one where I turned to the young man in the room and we both agreed that KU just did not want it bad enough. Perhaps because they thought they had alread won.

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Opinion: Bracket picking for birds

Perhaps this years winner could be a Shocker?!

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Kansas guard Ben McLemore soars in for a dunk before the student section late in the game against Te

Love the expressions on the faces for the fans.

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Explaining how KU's fake field goal was called and why it didn't work

20 something kids wanting to win...see the opertunity and try it. It did not work. Well a learning experience for them. Perhaps they should have looked over to coach and indicated that they thought they had a chance? Then the coach could indicate his opinion.

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Prosecutor alleges KU basketball players got pot from dealer

I think once the bright lights of the media start to shine on this seedling of a story the facts will come out and the story will start to grow like a weed.

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T-Rob making best of it

Thanks Mr. Robinson, I actually feel like I know you. In a way I guess we all do. And we all wish you the best. I think a tear of joy will roll down when I look up to see your jersey through the Phog.

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Thomas Robinson declares for NBA Draft

My heart breaks and tears of joy flow down my face, for you Mr. Robinson. Thank You. Best wishes for you and yours.

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Self offering insiders’ view

eewuh! beatnik why did you have to go there?!

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Self offering insiders’ view

I'll buy one of those basketballs by Nico, for 99.00 instead of showing up with my Sexagenarian outside shooting skills. Sorry, Bill.

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