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Bill Self won't promise continuation of KU-MU series if Tigers bolt Big 12 for SEC

I still think BGL needs to be talking to the ACC. KU would be a perfect fit. Just like the SEC has been dubbed the best football conference in the nation, adding KU to the likes of UNC and Duke would undoubtedly make that conference the best basketball conference in the land. And football wise, we would be playing schools that are more in line with our level of 1st, football 2nd. What upsets me is that BGL and Zenger are content with just waiting to see and who stays and who goes, but what if they wait too long and other schools continue to bolt for more stable conferences...there's only so many open slots! I say the hell with the Big 12 and this joined at the hip crap with KSU....It's time to look out for us and make sure we land in a conference where coaches of Bill Self's caliber would coach!!! PLEASE DON'T MESS THAT UP!!!

I am going to be laughing for quite some time if Misery goes to the SEC. To sit back and watch their demise will be priceless. Idiots! What will be even funnier is if the SEC does them like the Big 10 did and give them the Heisman! "Um thanks, but no thanks. Your school is doo doo"

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'Beyond the Phog' excerpt: Keith Langford on Kris Humphries, Roy Williams

After all the crap Roy received from UNC fans after pulling that sticker stunt at the Final Four, ain't no way in hell he was about to show up to The Legends game. UNC fans are still salty about that! I wouldn't expect to see him at an event like that until he retires. Would be cool as hell to see him there though.

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LeBron James not greatest of all time

I agree, dumb article. Of course he's not the greatest of all time. I will say that all of the hate on LeBron is really getting excessive. So he made a bad mistake with the way he handled "The decision" but as far as what he does on the court, you've got to be a fan if you like the game of b-ball. He's obviously got his weaknesses but he'll figure them out. Hell, it took the greatest player of all time (IMO) 7 seasons to get his first chip in Chi-town and once that happened it was over! I'm actually glad that LeBron didn't get the ring the very first year of forming the "Big 3" because it shows that in the end, true team basketball wins and there are no shortcuts to championships. You still have to work and improve like everybody else. That being said, you haters out there better be ready for a string of championships to come because once he learns how to attack the basket the ENTIRE game and start posting his man up and actually use his freakish size and athletic ability to his utmost advantage, there might be some legit arguments against this article.

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Wait, what? DeAndre Daniels picks UConn

I watched several videos of this guy and wasn't all that impressed. We need more from a 6'9" player than just jacking up threes. He probably was more of a 3 than a 4 and we have that locked down with Travis and McLemore. We're fine. I'm tired of 1 and dones anyways.

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Little brother says KU recruit Ben McLemore LeBron-like

HighEliteMajor, Oxcalijayhawk, 713KUFAN - Man, I really can't say too much more than what you all have already said, so all I will say is "Right-On brother, right-on!" Would I want somebody in place of Self, "hell naw". He has obviously shown that he can recruit and win..BUT, his stubborness is killing his opportunities to win championships in the post season! His losses to the likes of Bradley, Bucknell, UNI, and VCU can't all be flukes! This is becoming a habit! And we all know we could have very well lost to Davidson that year we won it all.

All I want to see as a fan is that he starts trying a different approach and be willing to adapt. Along the same lines as HighEliteMajor and Co. I too can live with a few more losses in the regular season at the expense of using those losses as an opportunity to develop those players who may give you a better shot of advancing in the NCAAs. Confernence regular season and tournament titles are just supposed to be gravy, not the highlight and focal point of the season! Last I checked it's all about National Championships!!!

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Not without fault: Bill Self confesses shortcoming after winning AP award

I just hope coach uses the past to his advantage and actually go back and watch those BAD tourney losses before this year's tourney. It's one thing when you lose to teams with the caliber of athletes we have and just get outplayed (i.e. Mich. State), but to lose to the likes of Bucknell, Bradley, and then admit that you don't ever go back and watch how you lose your tourney games on tape, and turnaround and lose to UNI in the same fashion last year? I'm sorry but those days of not going back and watching those losses should be over. You know a match up with one of those same midmajors is coming up. Senior laden, runs patient half court sets, fundamentally sound...The last thing you do is let teams like that come in and dictate the pace/tempo of the game, and if they try to, YOU DON"T LET THEM! YOU CHANGE THE PACE!!! YOU'RE KANSAS with loads of depth. RUN THEM OUT OF THE GYM!!!
BTW, we all should know what's going to happen Selection Sunday. Best believe the Bucknell Bison will be in our bracket again after they win their tourney on the 11th. Just get ready for it.

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Fabulous fill-in: KU's Elijah Johnson makes most of starting opportunity

soswalt4 - "Keiton Page and Holly Rowe should make little piglets together"


Some great posts on here today. I agree, Selby looked very frustrated on the bench last night. I just hope it's because he's frustrated that he's not healthy or healing fast enough and not with Self. I don't blame Self for not playing him any longer than he did though. We were in control of the game and there was no need to push it and cause further injury. And now Selby gets some more time to heal.

Great game by EJ. Hope Self continues with him at the point, but after what I saw when TT was suspended last year, I wouldn't bank on it! TT is his man.

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Bill Self clears Kansas senior Mario Little for competition

I sure hope this doesn't impact Releford's PT when he gets healthy again. His upside is way higher than Mario's. His defense and versatility is better than Mario's and the fact that he is only a sophomore, I would invest in his playing time and development moreso than Rio's. Plus, I like the fact that Releford can jump too and throw it down from time to time. Don't get me wrong, glad Mario's eligible to play again and is starting to put this whole ordeal behind him, but Travis has taken full advantage of the opportunity that opened when this all went down. Much props to T Rel!

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Sudden impact: Selby lives up to hype in debut

Jaybate - You just lost all credibility and I'm glad I didn't bother wasting time with the rest of your novels on this page. Come on dude - Selby should play with the second team???!! You've had some decent arguments in the past but you must have been DRUNK when you posted that! That is ridiculous. Just watch as the season progresses, you will eat those words.

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KU basketball player Mario Little arrested after altercation involving girlfriend, suspended indefinitely

Nicely done. I just knew what would pop up when I clicked the link. That was classic!

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