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McLemore declares for NBA Draft

Rio and Jabari pic - Can you say awkward? I would have expected to see a picture of "The Goat" before seeing a picture with Rio in it.

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KU guard Ben McLemore sets press conference for 2:30 p.m. Tuesday

BMac, go get that paper dude! You were a pleasure to watch and I wish you the best!

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KU guard Ben McLemore sets press conference for 2:30 p.m. Tuesday

akg, don't sleep on next year's team man. We have some very nice pieces coming in. While I look forward to Frankamp and Selden, I must say I am mostly intrigued by JoJo Embiid. Not too many 7 footers out there with that type of freakish athleticism. Between him and Lucas, we will still have our defensive presence in the paint! I only wish Manning was still here to see what he could do with him!! But for not playing but a year or so of organized ball, he looks very impressive!!! I guess modeling your game after Hakeem Olajuwon never hurts....Anyways, by the end of the year we will be a top 10 team and should make a decent run in the tourney. This is Kansas man!

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Report: Hinson in as Southern Illinois coach

This is some BS! Talk about a buzz killa! I mean, they really couldn't wait until 1 more week to come after our coaching staff? Hinson doesn't hurt so much and I do wish him well at SIU, but losing Manning would be devastating! I've gotta think that Manning has told them "we can talk after our season is officially over", because he knows they've got to be focused on only one thing right now..BEATING OSU! The team can sit there and say that they are focused and that none of this is distracting, but we all know it IS distracting. Talk is cheap and we've been throught this before! Lord, please don't let Danny outta Lawrence! "What I'ma do bout my legs Charlie Murphy??!!!!!!"

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Happier campers: Clinic helps Jayhawks put loss behind

That just happened!

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Tyshawn Taylor’s treys ‘aren’t important’

This has to be the most encouraging comments I personally have seen since Tyshawn has been here. He is spot on because EJ has completely fallen in love with the trey. Although I agree we do need a three point presence in the rotation, guys have got to be able to contribute when the three is not falling. And even when the three is falling, it doesn't mean that's the only way you have to score. For him to say that EJ can get to the paint just as well as he has been speaks wonders! It's exactly what is missing and has been missing from Bill's teams the past couple of seasons. Look at our teams the past two three years. If Boringstar or Reed weren't hitting, they essentially gave you nothing on the offensive end because they couldn't attack the paint and take their man off the dribble. If both your guards can breakdown a defense off the dribble like that, it does nothing but open up better shots for teammates but also gets you some of the easiest looks in the game...AT THE FREE-THROW LINE. How many times when a guy that's been struggling outside gets fouled and goes to the free throw line have you heard commentators say "maybe this will get him going". That's because there is some truth to that and that has been an actual result time and time again. I have been one of Tyshawn's biggest critics, really just about the turnovers since he is the point guard, but I can't do anything but give him props for these comments and how he has played these last couple of weeks. He is leading this team as well as one would expect a seasoned senior point-guard to do. Keep it up TT!

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So long: Kansas gives Missouri going-away gift in 24-10 Tigers' victory

How in the world do you come out lax in the second half Stevie? This is the Border Showdown! Did the "Now, let's go out there and continue to be well-behaved gentlemen" halftime speech by Coach Gill not get you fired up enough?

Seriously though, good year Stevie even though the team was awful. Good luck at the next level. You'll be successful man.

I don't know if you can hear her in Lawrence, but the fat lady is singing like a Mofo out here in Johnson County! Loud and Clear! Gill is gone! Compliments of A & M and Misery's exit fees! C-ya!

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Kansas football rebounding again

Now that was funny! LOL

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Jayhawks ‘hurting’ after loss to OSU

Long live Mangino the Hut!!!!! We miss you man!!!

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Jayhawks ‘hurting’ after loss to OSU

After OU hangs this 100 spot on us for the entire nation to witness, that very well might happen!! LOL This is downright embarrassing!!! It's one thing to lose, but another thing to not even be competitive! Seriously though, this arse whoopin we are about to take on national TV in addition to the whoopin we will take at home the following week against KSU might just seal his fate. Here's the scary thing though, who do we get if we fire Gill? Not everyone knows this, but Gill was BGL's hire, not Lew's. So who's to say that she would let our new AD truly get HIS man? This whole thing just has ugliness all over it!!

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