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He's in! KU's Bill Self elected to Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame

So one national championship and two final fours is all it takes to be a HOF coach? Sorry, but as much as I like Self, this is a bit premature. And if the argument is because of his dominance in the Big 12, folks let's be real, the Big 12 is clearly overrated. To only make the Final Four 6% of the time (with 2 out of 3 appearances belonging to KU) during the 13 year streak shows just how weak this conference is. Sure, he has done his job which is to win the conference and get the highest seed you can heading into the NCAAs, but 2-7 in Elite Eight games is not HOF worthy. And FYI, that 6% puts the Big 12 behind 5 other conferences! The Big 12 is just not on the same level as other conferences, numbers don't lie!

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Tom Keegan: Loss to Oregon cuts deepest of Elite Eight setbacks

Maybe if Bill went back and actually watched his tourney losses on film, he might discover why he really seems to struggle in the Elite Eight. Why he doesn't watch his tourney losses really perplexes me to this day!! Not sure if it would have helped much this year though, Oregon just seemed destined to win this one. Some of the shots that fell for them, and the way the ball bounced (especially when JJ tipped that ball Mason was sure to rebound), you could just tell it was one of those nights. Good season, but man this is getting old....

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Self: Positively no decision has been made regarding Joel Embiid's future

Too much money to turn down...but stranger things have happened.

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Column: Smart’s remarks likely to backfire

Yeah, I liked that too. Why would he not really care for Smart? Because he was running his mouth about him. Period. This should be fun to watch!

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Top prospect Andrew Wiggins chooses Kansas

Wow! Self never ceases to amaze me when it comes to recruiting! Hell yeah!!

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Fantasy campers get to meet ex-Jayhawks

Uh, well uh, sorry, I am going to have to retract my previous comment. Don't look like that come back is gonna happen after all. Just saw the gallery from the game.....Dam!!! Put the burgers down mane!!!

He was still cold-blooded though!!!

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Fantasy campers get to meet ex-Jayhawks

I ain't giving up on Sherron just yet. Still one of my favorite hawks of all-time. In the spirit of Mrs. Klump; "Sherron, all you gotta do is believe in yoself and you can do anything". Man, get yo azz back in game shape and show everybody what time it is! I know you still got that "killa" in you!!!

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Fantasy campers get to meet ex-Jayhawks

LOL!! Now that was funny. If I had to picture what Jaybate looked like, that's about right! LOL!!!!!!

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Opinion: Pro basketball, not Rubik's Cube, in Kevin Young's future

Afro 40! I definitely became a huge fan over the course of his career. All of his energy and two-handed dunks were awesome to watch. He was definitely one of the most consistent players we've had over the past few years as you pretty much knew what you were getting from him night in and night out. Once he develops a consistent 15-17 footer, he should be able to stick around and make a nice living overseas. Best of luck Kevin!

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Kansas hoops banquet tonight

First of all, for any Kansas fan to say that we'd be better off with a different coach at this point is ridiculous. Now, I won't sit here and say that I have always felt like that. After the Bucknell and Bradley losses, I was one of the main dudes calling for his head. Especially when I heard that the team hadn't even seen any tape of Bradley prior to the game! WTH??? Anyways, Bill HAS evolved and grown since then and he's easily among the top 5 best coaches in the game today(college). That being said, I am still puzzled why he feels he could not benefit from watching tournament losses. There's 10 players on the court and I don't care how great of a coach he is, he's only got two eyes so he can't possibly see everything! Surely SOMETHING can be learned and mentally filed away for use in future tournament games and situations by watching the game a time or two. Like I said, puzzling philosophy to me, but I am not a D1 coach making millions of dollars a year because I win so much either.

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