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'I'm still here': Tyshawn Taylor’s story marked by adversity

Great read. It's just one of those life reminders that before you want to hate on somebody maybe knowing more about them would change your perspective. I believe I lived a hard, rough life growing up but when I read stories like this, I had a cake walk. Thank you Tyshawn for sticking with it even when it seemed the whole world was down on you, especially after football team fight number 2! :)

Thank you HCBS for taking these kids who need what you have to offer and allowing us to get to travel the journey, too, as you mold and shape them into fine, young men, ready to take on the world.

Proud to be a Jayhawk...always! RCJHGKU!

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Kansas’ season amazing

Calling not only as you see it...but as it was. I am totally in awe with what HCBS did and the combinations and flexibility he imparted with that drive to get better every day. Let it continue!


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CELEBR-EIGHT: Kansas clinches outright crown

Releford hurt his achilles tendon last year when he was out for a bit and was told then his explosive first step would never come back. he totally adjusted his game but as the season wore down you could see him a little gimpy from time to time. He came on strong when needed but I think he paid the price. I hope he gets enough rest for the Big XII Tourney Final and the Big Dance! If Wesley and Young can keep escalating their game like they have it would give us the Releford we have seen for a few games.

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Happier campers: Clinic helps Jayhawks put loss behind

Are you sure you aren't think of Rupp Arena? We beat KY 150-95 at AFH 12/9/1989 and when KU came on the court 12/8/1990, the quarters came flying. I believe Mark Randall had the quarter literally stick in his forehead. Roy Williams vowed to never shedule a game there or with KY again. We beat them 88-71 that time, btw.

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Roger, Dodger: Tommy Lasorda tells Bill Self to 'enjoy the wins' following KU's 64-54 victory over Texas A&M

I think what we saw Saturday and last night with TRob is just a little preoccupation. I agree when there are 4 on him, he should have found the open Jayhawks but they just weren't moving to the ball like usual. Even though he is a beast physically, he is still very young and this week will always be tough on him and Jayla. That's the price we pay to love someone as much as they do their family. He still came alive when needed and got focused on the line going 10/10.

Then take the man that has known Bill Self since college and slept on Bill and Cindy's couch when they were first married running the scouting process and setting up the defensive side of the game. A&M had a tremendous advantage that no one has mentioned just becase of this. They knew KU better than any other team in the country and Bill will tweak enough to show them he still rules the roost!

Conner was not intended to be the role player he has been put into. He was added to the practice squad but earned his way up, much like Morningstar. BM played defense much better and although he wasn't great with ball handling, he knew it and passed more than what I am seeing with Conner. Wesley and Young are the best remedy for Conner so he won't be expected to handle the ball as much as spot up for the 3.

Withey on the other hand is too confident in the "high/low" system of Bill Self and gets it out too quick. TRob just hangs waiting for the foul when he is going to miss more and Withey should be doing that. When the two of them understand each other on the court, it is a beautiful thing! They could be one of the best 1-2 punches out there in the post but just need to sync it up better. It's coming. Games like the last 2 would have been so much easier if it were the beginning of the season but we won so many, we're starting to expect play like last year from players subpar compared to last year. Let's face it, we have not been programmed (all our lives for some) to see KU lose very many games each year.

We now allow fellow students to mess with TT on Twitter and FB, threaten him and do things that are not conducive to supporting our team. When our society erodes to the point NFL players receive death threats for turnovers in big games, how do we expect kids in college to react? Let's either get behind them or leave them alone. Encouragement will always do more than a beat down. That's HCBS's job and he already has an established relationship with the player and his family. just sayin


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Awesome babeee! KU routs Baylor, wows Dick Vitale

+1 or at least a checkup to see if they need adjusting. just sayin

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Awesome babeee! KU routs Baylor, wows Dick Vitale

Sorry but I hve to agree with you. Baylor is loaded or bear or with bears however you want to say it. They have about 7 guys with over 7' wingspan wich is great for Syracuse but not as good with a less experienced coach like Drew but he has put something together that is a big leap from what happened just before him if you remember the basketball player murdering the othe player just before Drew was hired. You can't be 17-0 without talent and there were only a couple undefeated teams until Lawrence popped up on map!

Great game and nice to see the rest of the team provide the support when needed. This was perhaps one of the better if not best displays of team play since HCBS showed up in town!


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Memory of Charlie Weis: No ‘D’

Who cares Witherspoon about what you did years ago. This should maybe just go in your scrapbook. After the Jayhawk Nation went through all this mess for a few years now at least try and help get the troops rallied behind a new coach and try and get a real football program going.

December 2015...I remember 4 years ago reading Witherspoon's poorly written personal account of how bad a football coach was 4 or 5 years ago. Since then there have been many articles written but they just never seemed relevant or current.

Just sayin

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KU players talk about Turner Gill


Maybe a coach like Bo spitting in their faces and screaming at the refs is the image the Jayhawk Nation now craves. I think not. I think comparing the head coach to the President of our country shows the lack of frontal lobe development but then again we stopped respecting even that position long ago. TG was not ready yet the university made the decision so gripe to them. Lew certainly wasn't the only one to do all the athletic hiring.

In today's world perhaps passing off the discipline of your children to your schools and coaches makes life easier. If the kids all showed up wholesome like our hometown hero Toben Opurum or Kale Pick, for example, abusive coaches will be the thing of the past.

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Turner Gill out as KU football coach

Two years does seem short at first glance but hopefully we get a real seasoned and successful coach this time around. I hear Mangino might be available. That is, of course, if KSU hasn't hired him as the heir apparent for Snyder. I will admit I woud rather see him huffing and puffing on our sideline than on the other side against us. We already saw what damage his teams can do. Now we have seen both ends of the spectrum I think whipping the youngin's into shape over mentoring them to excellence seems to work better these days. just sayin


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