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Perfect storm: Elijah Johnson buries ISU with 39 points

Don't forget the brilliant move by Young when Withey should have fouled out. Epic.

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Wayne Simien proud of fundraising work

Wayne is truly a KU hero and anything involving him with HCBS is nothing less than first class.

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'Cat’ Barber: Visit to KU a perfect '10'

Someone must have just alphabetized the choices. We all know KU comes first..always!

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French, pro overpower Jayhawks' inexperienced lineup in exhibition finale

Good analysis. Thanks. There was something about watching justin tv on the HD. I try to save the pain for the regular season. I will drive a thousand miles to watch a game on a football field, though. Can't wait to see what HCBS puts together. Don't see so many frosh playing early so he must be making some key decisions.

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Humble coach, mentor deserves spotlight

I had the pleasure of sharing lockers in high school with Sammy Norwood, an older son of Coach Norwood. He was humble, even keeled and very respectful even though I was the closest thing to white bread when even lockers were segregated. Lavern Smith was in that little space too!

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KU running back James Sims arrested for operating under the influence

I have to first, disagree with you as Gill had the decency to keep discipline internal as Marchiony is saying will happen in this case so you would never have a clue what he would have done. Second, mocking and sarcasm shows pretty poor taste on your part and especially on one of the holiest if not the single holiest day for Christians. Last, Gill interviewed and got the job while you were at the armchair with the remote whining about some other coach. Easy to see faults and trash someone after the fact but until you have been there you certainly aren't qualified to award head coach contracts or evaluate peformance.

just sayin'

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Uh-oh, Sully: Detroit it is

Sheeyat...I thought Detroit Mercy was a hospital and the medical team will be on the bench and behind it and in the locker room. My wife is from the burbs of Detroit so please don't make me eat these words.


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MU guard adds fuel to rivalry


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MU guard adds fuel to rivalry

I think they would have to ask someone from out of state the number for 9-1-1 in an emergency.

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Thomas Robinson wins AP Big 12 Player of the Year

Bigger question...what are we going to do about it Thursday and Friday so we have real locker room fodder for Saturday! Nothing matters that has already happened but now we can break the tie and lock a #1 seed, win another Conference Tourney and send mizery on their way. Then, maybe we get to watch mizery and nebraska on the bottom during hoops season on a regular basis.


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