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Kansas vs. Texas Tech -- 02/27/16 at Allen Fieldhouse

Is the time finalized yet?

Thank you in advance.

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Column: K-State will be fired up Monday night

Great analysis for both of you. I think tonight, if we lose, not only defines this team but also the season we have had. If we can play a full game like we did at Texas, we can expect a deep run in March.

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Beaty refines KU recruiting pitch

Bill, I respectfully have to take exception with your comment. If we ever expect to play with the big dogs, we can't accept mediocrity or be patient. We have done that far too long. You will never hit a home run if you are only a base hit player.

We have a high energy coach now for that reason. Yes, it's a major rebuild without big names, but look back on Roy Williams first year. We were on probation and had 7 players. We came out smoking and had a decent year, with each one thereafter even better.


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Jayhawks earn payback in rematch with ISU

I don't know about you, but I was a little nervous at the beginning when we were running back so fast no one was even trying to get an offensive rebound. It all worked out, though. What a game!

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Reclamation project: Selden regains touch, leads rally

Excellent analysis!

It was good seeing some focus and determination in the second half. We just need to play BOTH the first and second half.

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GAMEDAY BREAKDOWN: A look at Saturday's Kansas-Iowa State football game

He's a college kid, a couple years removed from his friends. Even professional athletes do this, after the game is over. Being able to tear it up on the field and then hang out after a game is a sign of maturity and resisting the urging of armchair athletes to hate all the time.

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GAMEDAY BREAKDOWN: A look at Kansas vs. Southeast Missouri State

It's part of ESPN game Plan, channel 789 on DirecTV at 6 pm.

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The Day After: TCU at AFH

Matt, I have to point out to you that you make yourself look silly at times

You should give at least some credit to TCU for the first half, taking KU out of the game instead of saying it was all "bad energy and sloppy defense". Yes, we played bad but if it were just a practice, I could understand saying it was just a bad day.

You then talk about how well we shot in the second half but you reference 61.3% in the second half, 61.5% for the game. Mathematically, that means percentage wise we made a higher number of the shots we took in the first half. We wore them down and as we usually rely on that to happen, we then got their stars in foul trouble and took more shots.

The biggest differences in the second half were the free throws we made and the more aggressive defense along with taking it to the basket like a Kansas team. Other than that, we played a very inconsistent game at times and we need to instill more discipline and respect for the jersey than we are seeing on a consistent basis. In the Big Dance we will not go far with the ongoing lapses our team goes through this year. When we are running on all cylinders I truly believe we can beat any team. If we are not, well we just may squeak through like we have done a few times this year.

If we can get this young team healthy and playing like HCBS wants, there will be some net cutting in Dallas. Rock Chalk Jayhawk Go KU!!!!

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Embiid shines vs. Iona, with father in the stands

Agree, great story. A reminder of all those little things we take for granted. Imagine sending your child to another country so he can "improve". Then to never see him play until the season starts in a huge venue...AFH! Can it really get any better than that?

Embiid will be special. Especially after THE specialists, HCBS and Hudy, have some more input.

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Charlie Weis announces shakeup with way KU offense is coordinated

Glad to see Weis trying something different at least.

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