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Jayhawks in top 5 … for schedule

1A - Kyle Johnson, Burrton, 58-04.25—1998
2A - Trenton Staab, Plainville, 58-06.50—2002
3A - Monty Beisel, Douglass, 60-04.75—1997
4A - Casey Seyfert, Beloit, 61-01.00—1997
5A - Caleb Blakesley, Ottawa, 63-06.75—2005
6A - Clint Johnson, Shawnee Mission-South, 69-01.25—1980
National Record: (77-00.00—1979) Michael Carter, Dallas Jefferson, TX at Abilene, TX

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KU notebook: Bill Self praises predecessor Roy Williams

KU fans were/are mad at Roy for a number of reasons. A large number of fans reminded me of cult members that finally realized their leader had been pulling the wool over their eyes.
For me, I really hold a grudge against the guy for the way he handled Big Dub. Wayne may have forgiven him because that's the kind of guy he is....I'm not. When Wayne said "I gave my arm for that man.." I cultivated a real dislike for Roy on many levels.
Really think back to the way he handled himself during that 03 tourney run and tell me you still respect him....
Built a program? He improved many things sure, but he was a very good steward and not the builder.

Hey, I took some small sips of the Kool-aid too.

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KU notebook: Bill Self praises predecessor Roy Williams

Great take Jaybate.

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Big man meant no disrespect

If by "handle" he means foul out if his coach is smart enough to put him on Mr. Zero (I like that KG)....then he's probably right.

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Post presence: Assistant coach Manning making most of ‘great spot’ on KU bench

I want a t-shirt with a good picture of Robinson dunking on this guy and the Joker quote "Wait'll they get a load of me" at the bottom.....

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All for 1 ... or 2: Jayhawks say seed doesn’t matter

Yes. At Lawrence High...two time AA - Wayne Simien from Leavenworth...Lon Kruger didn't go to KU, but another really good Kansas HS player...Don't get me wrong, I hope Ellis ends up being better than all those guys.

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Tourney top seeds appear fairly set


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Bill Self ‘not a fan’ of Baylor's neon uniforms

At least he didn't refer to the team as being 9 deep again. Maybe the producer gave him a sticky note about that one finally.

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