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What caught my eye from Day 1 of spring drills

The power of positive thinking! I don't think we could be any worse than last year, so things have to be looking up.

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Kansas RB James Sims mystery no more

Ha. Yeah, the cab fare is rarely fair. Thanks.

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What caught my eye from Day 1 of spring drills

You have officially beaten your tired arguments to a pulp, however, you're right on with Tait's lack of parking garage skills.

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What caught my eye from Day 1 of spring drills

Great insight, Matt. Very informative and relevant to the actual story lines that will break this season.

Sounds like there were a lot of positives from your 20 minute sneak peak. The keys being speed, speed, and speed. I just hope, for my sake, it's not just your Jayhawk optimism bleeding through, and that there are actually visible improvements from last year.

Old Coach Mangino said it best, "just keep sawing wood".

Absolutely remarkable news regarding Mr. Marshall. What a story. Should serve as inspiration for those on both the inside and outside of the program. Hopefully the Hawks can build on this example of incredible strength and courage when the going gets tough starting September 3rd.

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Kansas RB James Sims mystery no more

I'm not positive things will shake out this way, just a hunch given the quality number of RB's and need for speed/athleticism on the field. I am sure each guy will get his fare share of touches this Spring, and Coach Gill will get things settled.

I could not agree more about the health of the o-line, and team in general. Last year was brutal, and Gill was often left trying to hold things together with duct tape and bubblegum. A good dose of health would do wonders for our group this year. The linebackers, hogs, and secondary all lost projected starters for the majority if not entire season. Injuries are bound to happen, but hopefully its our year to get lucky in the health department.

A healthy team full of actual starters does not go 3-9 this year or last. But who knows? Only time will tell.

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On a mission: Kansas football on quest for respect

The red beanies have been in use by football teams for a while now, however, the fact that someone has not come up with something that looks and works better is beyond me. They constantly fall off, and hardly make it easy to determine who is who while wearing similar colored jerseys.

Someone could make some serious loot by creating something more efficient and better looking.

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Kansas RB James Sims mystery no more

With so many players switching positions last year (and our need for speed on defense), I am almost certain a few of the RB's will be getting a look elsewhere this Spring.

Our running game clearly fits Sim's running style. The same can be said for Bourbon. I believe these two will be our horses this year. Rell Lewis, Deshaun Sands, Anthony Pierson (rs?) and Darrian Miller (rs?) may get their touches, but in a more creative manner. It will be interesting to see how the coaches scheme with so many viable options.

With the experience of our offensive line, there is no doubt our running game will be a key determining factor in how many games we will be able to stay in this year. The benefits of an efficient ground game are endless, and could be the key to a "successful" season.

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On a mission: Kansas football on quest for respect

I see all the guys talking about wanting some respect this year. That's nice, but fellas we have got to earn it. We will have 12 opportunities to back up all of our talk.

On the other hand, it is nice to read about some guys that are truly excited about being Jayhawks. Pride will matter this year.

I like Kale Pick's attitude. I could imagine him having a very tough time sitting, waiting, wishing, but he seems to have put in some good work at WR during the off season and might turn into a valuable player/leader. Regardless, we need guys like him setting the example of how to be a great teammate. I believe this will go a long way in developing our young players, and setting the tone for the program moving forward.

The best thing from practice (hands down): Coach Fambrough roaming the practice fields, and chatting it up with his fellow Red Leggers. He is undoubtedly one of the greatest men in the history of the KU football program. The University must honor him, before it is too late. He deserves it.

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Kansas head football coach Turner Gill has a laugh with former coach and longtime KU football suppor

Coach Fambrough is my favorite Jayhawk of all time.

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KU safety Keeston Terry uses time on sidelines to study

Looking forward to seeing some healthy athleticism on the defensive side of the ball next season. Thanks for the football news.

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