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Danny Manning moves to next phase of coaching career with no shortage of options

They showed the '88 game on TV? Best NC game ever. Even better than the '08 game. I had that entire Final Four on VHS at one point, but the tape broke. I'd love to see it again.

Danny was such a stud. He carried that entire team on his back all year. He had the rare combination of talent and commitment to winning for the team.

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Board of Regents chair, student body president concerned by behavioral issues within KU men’s basketball program

Good point Phil. I'm glad reporters didn't follow me around when I was in school. And I was comparatively well behaved,

Take the punishment and move on.

As for Ms. Floyd, what a wonderful opportunity for her to raise her visibility. Perhaps she'll be Time magazine's person of the year for 2020.

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Big 12 suspends Silvio De Sousa 12 games; McCormack, two K-State players also suspended

There was still time left on the clock when the K-State kid stole the ball. It's a hustle play. Just not very sportsmanlike. Silvio's block was also a hustle play.

The rest, starting with Silvio's taunting, were punk moves. None of this would have happened if Silvio blocks the ball and walk away. Picking up the chair was more than punk. If he had used it, it's potentially a felony. I feel the punishment is appropriate.

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Missouri football announces hiring of former KU strength coach

Good point Doug and Brett. Does anyone really know what this student athlete wellness system is? Other than an increase in bureaucracy that's driving away the strength coaches in both revenue-producing sports?

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Missouri football announces hiring of former KU strength coach

Make that 10 years.

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'I just love coaching him': KU coach Self, guard Garrett on same page

Is UMKC now known and "Kansas City?" I drive by there once a week and never noticed that.

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Jeff Long: KU football 'far closer' now to meeting expectations

I'm with you Chris. It's my understanding that BGL also mandated restrictions leading to Gill's hiring. Otherwise we would have had a shot at Harbaugh.

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Boyle's Return: Former Jayhawk and current Colorado coach Tad Boyle eager for Saturday matchup with his alma mater

Gee Tad, thanks for the reminder of the Sweet 16 game against Wichita State. I'm still paying for the beer I spilled on my friend's carpet at the end of that game, which we would have won: 1) if we had made a layup 2) if the refs had made the charging call on an end-of-game inbounds pass.

As for Tad Boyle, I loved the guard tandem from his freshman and sophomore years of Lance Hill and Tad Boyle, aka "Lance Boyle."

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Year In Review: The pessimist's take on the 2019 Kansas football season

I'm with you Jeff Kallmeyer. Going into the season, there was a lot of talk about O-line being our strength. As we discovered in the very first game, that wasn't the case. Pooka can't get consistent gains if he's hit in the backfield every time. And no QB can hit open receivers when they're constantly running for their lives.

Three years ago, Baylor went 1-11 with a team that started 21, maybe even 22 freshmen. Guess who the one win was against. Anyway, now look at Baylor. If we have a stud class of freshmen coming in, I'm ok biting the bullet on a bad year for the promise of the 11-1 season Baylor has this year.

If anyone can make this turn-around happen, I'm betting on Les Miles and Jeff Long.

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Les Miles says recruiting a QB a priority for KU

My vote's for Tory Locklin. The way they describe him - great athlete, could play any position - reminds me of Nolan Cromwell.

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