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Olympian, former congressman and KU alumnus Jim Ryun says receiving Presidential Medal of Freedom is 'a great privilege'

Jim Ryun was possibly the greatest middle-distance runner of all time. He has always been a excellent ambassador for the University of Kansas, and the people of Kansas. He's a great man and very deserving of our nation's highest civilian honor.

Congratulations Mr. Ryun. And than you. I'm proud to count you as one of my heroes.

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Former Jayhawk Jim Ryun to receive Presidential Medal of Freedom

Jim Ryun was one of my heroes growing up, and an inspiration to me as a runner. I'll never forget watching the '68 Olympics when my Mom called us all inside to watch the race, and our disappointment when he took 2nd to Kip Keino.

Ryun was a Stud with a capital "S." His 3:51.1 world record in the mile stood for a LONG time.

Congratulations Mr. Ryun. You should be proud of ALL your accomplishments. I bet Bob Timmons, even in his grave, is beaming with pride.

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Reflecting back on some memorable misses in Kansas basketball history

Oh, good ones Jonathan. I spilled a beer on that Mike Lee shot.

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Reflecting back on some memorable misses in Kansas basketball history

Also, I'd love to see your Tee Off With Tait column about signature holes.

If anyone can go back 40+ years, the 9th at Tomahawk. It was so hard they changed it from a par 4 to a par 3 because no one could drive it accurately enough to have a good shot at the green. I haven't played there in forever, but after the change, you had to walk about 250 yards to get from the green on 8 to the tee on 9.

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Reflecting back on some memorable misses in Kansas basketball history

Matt, great article about memorable misses. Nice spin on "biggest shots."

There was another huge miss way before your time here. 1981 Sweet 16 against Wichita State. Darnell Valentine misses a wide open layup near the end of the game that would have put us up by 3 and sealed the game (before the 3-point shot).

Also, a miss of a different type in the same game. The refs missed an obvious foul against WSU on an inbounds pass with about 3 seconds left that would have put Darnell on the line.

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A couple of options for a Kansas men's basketball Mount Rushmore

Overall: Naismith, Allen, Manning, Wilt
Coaches only: Naismith, Allen, Self, Brown (For those of you who weren't around, Larry revived a nearly dead program.)
Players only: Wilt, Manning, Lovellette, either Valentine or Jo Jo White

Tony Bandle, great point about Lynette Woodard.

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Where Wilt ranks: Sorting out former Jayhawk Wilt Chamberlain's place among the game's all-time greats

The older players tend to get fewer votes because so many of those voting haven't seen them play. So it's impressive that Wilt is even included in these lists.

I never saw Wilt play live, but he was so dominant in footage that I've seen that he has to be #1 on any list of greatest basketball players ever. The fact that rules were changed because of him says a lot.

My list:
1. Wilt
2. Michael Jordan
3. Oscar Robertson
4. Kareem
5. Bill Russell
6. LeBron

No one else comes close to these six. Kobe was good, but nowhere near these guys.

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Mamba Memories: Former Jayhawk Tarik Black shares stories of Kobe Bryant's final NBA game

I've never been so impressed with a player in such a short time as I was with Tarik Black. Possibly the hardest worker on the court and in the classroom since Jacque Vaughn. And the best interviewee.

Matt, I just looked him up in Wikipedia and it says that he parted ways with Maccabi on May 23, 2020. Any word on where he's headed next?

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KU AD Jeff Long announces departmentwide furloughs, pay cuts

As Brian Wilson mentions above, those cuts are significantly less than the cuts most companies are making.

Put me in the same camp as Robert Brock.

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