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Kansas arrives in Dallas, ‘excited’ to meet Michigan

Probably something like 10K fans. There is a huge KU alumni base in Dallas/Ft. Worth and the Austin area too!

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Jayhawk fans could benefit from cheap Sweet 16 and Elite Eight ticket prices

Lots of good seats to be had my fellow Jayhawk peeps! Come down to Texas and cheer on the Crimson & Blue. The pep rally is at the Arlington Convention Ctr which is a short walking distance to Cowboys Stadium. Let's hope this Friday will be VERY GOOD indeed for KU!

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Sweet second half! Jayhawks advance to round of 16 with 70-58 win over UNC

Sweet 16! Bill Self's 300th win. Jayhawks play on Good Friday!

Just purchased my tix so we can go cheer on our boys @ Jerry's Dome. Crimson + Blue > Maize + Blue :)

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Big 12 champs: Withey, Ellis lead KU to 70-54 win over Kansas State

Not enough people read Byron either.

Let's hope Perry has discovered his "FIRE" and will truly play UNBOUND in the Big Dance!

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'Bragging rights': KU takes Big 12 tourney title with 70-54 win over Kansas State

I love how in the postgame comments our players remain classy and stand-up through and through. They didn't duck the loss to TCU, the 3 game losing streak or the 20 point blowout loss to Baylor. Well....look who's standing now? Family Over Everything--a tattoo a lot of our players have. Keep believing fellas and see you in North Texas (hopefully)!


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Big 12 champs: Withey, Ellis lead KU to 70-54 win over Kansas State

I've now lived in Texas about as long as I lived in Kansas. Half of my graduating high school class went to KU and half went to KSU. I love that we own bragging rights and can silence all this nonsensical chatter about "shared championship." Let me state this as unequivocally as I can: "There ain't NOTHING shared about this championship!!!" KSU players realize they got whooped in the last two games.

We don't need any contrived ceremony to commemorate a league title or a DVD to mark a victory over a league foe.....because.....WE.ARE.KANSAS.

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Big 12 champs: Withey, Ellis lead KU to 70-54 win over Kansas State

Comet ~ This is an outstanding post and observation. I sure didn't see Bruce sticking up for his guys. Bravo, sir!

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FINAL: McLemore scores 36 as KU buries West Virginia, 91-65

Ben's jumper is so silky smooth you could take a 100 babies' bottoms and it still wouldn't be close.

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Big 12: Officiating errors were made at end of regulation in KU-ISU game

What is with the national hate campaign against KU all of a sudden? Brent and Fran at the end of the game and then, today, EVERY time I turn on ESPN radio in the car, they have to say "Kansas sneaks by Iowa State with the help of some very questionable officiating." Ridiculous! If you want to rail on the officiating, then look at "BODY OF WORK" as Fran is so fond of saying himself!!

KU was the victim of at least half dozen bogus charging, block, foul calls. No ONE call decides a game. Period.

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