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Bill Self: Jayhawks in need of senior ‘assassins’

You are a moron. There doesn't to be a question posed, hathead . What are you, ten years old?

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KU drops down-to-the-wire thriller with Michigan State

Some of you are just bottom feeders on this board. Anyone who watched that game and thought MSU is more talented is just plain dumb. Izzo is a great coach and they are terrific program. But when all is said and done this KU team has more pure talent than MSU they just need time to grow. And they will.

It was a good game by two strong programs that are just warming up. Both of these teams will make big noise in March as they normally do. KU is going to be really good by Big 12 play.

For some of you the glass is always empty. Simply ridiculous.

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Bill Self: Rotation starting to come clear

Sounds like the same moronic JB to me. Maybe just a little more Moonshine poured over his Aldi's cornflakes in the morning as the black helicopters hover about his old trailer park homestead outside of Tongie...

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Stoic Perry Ellis shines in KU's exhibition win over Emporia State

Ellis shows really nice offensive skills. Given some time with Self, he is going to become a strong offensive player. Lucas looked good as well.

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Opinion: Big 3 — Klein, Snyder, Self — help Kansas save face

Exactly, Cogburn.

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Opinion: Big 3 — Klein, Snyder, Self — help Kansas save face

Yes, that is his point. He just goes about it in an odd way. But obviously someone at the World likes his style, and in the end that is all that matters as they sign his check.

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Opinion: Big 3 — Klein, Snyder, Self — help Kansas save face

First of all it is an opinion column, not an article. Second if you are going to bash another person's writing then make sure you do not come off looking like a uneducated hack. Have the intelligence to use the word "whether" instead of "weather". They could not be more different in meaning. I am surprised you can even read to make a comment.

As for Keegan, it is not his technical writing skills that are lacking. It is his poor ideas for subject matter and a general inability to tell a meaningful thought that make him so painful to read at times.

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Quick study: Ben McLemore hit books — hard

Rock Chalk, Ben!

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Ring out the old: Jayhawks sport jewelry at Media Day

Nope, Hell is knowing there are so many donkeys that so blindly dance to the rhythm of a wooden spoon clanking an iron skillet. Sadly there are so many "fans" on this board who seem entranced by the sound of running water. Criticize me all you like, but anyone who thinks Jaybate is insightful or clever needs to look for a new role model. I might suggest Elmo...

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