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KU football focus quickly shifts to Georgia Tech

No, I didn't forget the 2007 season, but you distorted it. Generally, Sharp and McA played the same position and alternated.

Even if you use the second back not as a blocker, the D still positions another defender to stop the run.

That having been said, with poor O line play, it is irrelevant how many RB's play at one time. Tanner Hawkinson, who was a frosh All Am last year, stunk up the field Saturday.

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KU football focus quickly shifts to Georgia Tech

I disagree. When an extra blocker is put in the backfield, the D moves an extra defender in position to play the run game.

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Harder edge in order

Not really correct. Reesing was hurt fairly early in the season. Afterward, he was never himself. It was easy to see because his footwork, once excellent, had become poor--almost as bad as Josh Freeman's. Sharp also was injured.

I have no idea whether Gill win win at KU, but let's not disparage the Mangino years, when KU went to 4 bowls in 8 years, winning 3.

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Opurum move a gamble

1. The "witch hunt" was triggered by the three most prominent assistant coaches going to Lew Perkins and saying that they were leaving because working for Mangino was an intolerable situation. Further, the problems went beyond the football program.

2. It is dumb to talk about Perkins' lack of ethics. He is probably the best AD in the nation, and he has worked his butt off to raise money for KU athletics. Unlike UT KU doesn't have 90,000+ at every football game, so it was necessary to find other streams of revenue.

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