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A few thoughts on what the Bill Self, Kurtis Townsend suspensions and other self-imposed sanctions might mean for Kansas

Seems like the university is admitting Self and Townsend lost their integrity. Probably should just proceed with life as normal until IARP decides what they want to do. I just don’t think IARP cares if KU penalizes Self or not. They will do what they want to do anyway.

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Matt Tait: KU football regression continues in Week 7; so what comes next?

Was Clint Bowen coaching our defense ? Looked like to me we played defense without any linebackers. Too much is being made about Bean, when the defense was non-existent. Where were the linebackers ?

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What to make of Kansas football coach Lance Leipold's name surfacing in connection with the now-open Nebraska job

Not a chance he leaves. Leaving after two seasons wouldn’t settle well with his conscious, especially with how methodical he is in developing a culture and developing his players.

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Mountain magic: Overtime interception gives Kansas 55-42 win at West Virginia

It’s been a long time since the Mangino days, but we are back baby !!!

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With ESPN time slots there for the taking, Big 12 should get aggressive in pursuit of standing as college football's No. 3 conference

Agree with everything in this article - the Big 12 needs to be assertive.

All of a sudden, being geographically centered in the country has given us an advantage to expand with great schools and market sizes.

On a side note, I got a buddy who officiated a KU football scrimmage. He says we “still got problems”.

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Kansas trying to find 'exciting' ways to use depth at running back as an advantage

It’s good the RBs are feeling good about their offense. However, we all know that the RBs are only as good as our offensive line.

What I’m looking for most this year is how we improve in the trenches. Until our o-line can consistently block and open up holes in opposing defenses, the offense will continue to labor. Until our d-line can consistently put pressure on these pass happy Big12 QBs, our secondary will fail to keep up with the big and fast Big12 wideouts.

It’s all about the trenches.

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Two college hoops transfer options have meaningful connections to KU program

Mosley is an NBA talent. If we have the chance to get em, we should jump on it.

I live in Springfield and have followed during his time at MO State. Dude is clutch in high pressure situations.

He’s just never had much of a supporting cast.

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KU football plans to redshirt reserve QB Jalon Daniels this year

Leipold and his staff will have to be on the road every spare second they have. This recruiting class is shaping up to be one of the worst in KU history. Tack on the fact that our current physical talent is no where near FBS levels...not even close.

I love KU basketball, but football under Mangino was a blast. Firing Mangino was the worst decision ever made in college sports history. Hopefully we have learned our lesson because this could go a full 2 decades the way this program is currently positioned. Even if Leipold gets some studs in the trenches and does everything right, we still have another 2 to 3 seasons of bad least. In reality, our next class will be ranked in the triple digits on par with Campbell University and Harvard.

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Offensive ineptitude keeps Kansas from having a chance vs. Texas Tech

Watched the entire game, which was almost torture. There is no doubt in my mind that Lew Perkin’s legacy will live on another few seasons.

This team is so under talented compared to other power 5 teams.

We lack size, strength, and speed in all areas. Our linebackers are horrible and might be the worst position group, followed by both sides of the line.

Even if we can recruit some quality linemen for 2022 and beyond, we won’t see “competitive” progress for another 3 seasons...that’s how bad this program is at the moment. And that’s “IF” we can recruit some quality talent in the trenches. We haven't even gotten to that step yet.

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