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South Dakota State transfer Baylor Scheierman picks Creighton

Dirk, I believe that the situation that Mitch used by using his extra year without transferring and therefore not counting against the max only applied to last year. That was the one exception year/situation granted by the NCAA.

This year, if a player like David is going to stay on the team and use the extra year granted to the student athletes, the team has to have a scholarship available within the limits again.

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Kansas' Kyron Johnson, Kwamie Lassiter II and other seniors prepare for NFL in pro day

It seems that his 4.36 would have been the fastest 40 time for a linebacker in combine history had he been invited and performed the same.

Isaiah Simmons (a Kansas kid that played at Clemson from edge rusher to linebacker, nickel and safety ran a 4.39

Micah Parsons also ran a 4.39

Shaquem Griffin TD an the fastest at 4.38

Devin Bush and Devin White both ran in the 4.42/3 range with Devin White supposedly running a 4.37 away from the combine.

Speed wise, Kyron should get a shot to make a team and would be a fast linebacker in the mold of some recent young standouts.

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Realignment Today: Want KU to end up in the Big Ten? Now's a good time to start acting like it belongs

I was thinking along the same lines as Patrick above but for all fans.

Does it do the Athletic department any good to have empty seats? What is their break even cost for a butt in the seat? It would seem filling or nearly filling the stadium would be more important. Why not find a lower price structure to where it fills the stadium, gets momentum for the team by having a crowd and then raise it as it is full and there is more demand for tickets? Supply and demand are not balanced.

That is assuming price is a factor for a large enough portion of fans. If I got free tickets to a game, I would drive up, bring my kids and some of their friends. We would by food and drinks in the stadium. It certainly beats routinely not being able to see most games on ESPN+

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NCAA to allow athletes to profit off of NIL endeavors beginning July 1

I am curious if this will drive the athletic department to review the relationship with Adiddas. Brand relationship could become increasingly important. Would there be more benefit of switching to Under Armour or Nike?

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Basketball Friends | Projecting KU's 2021-22 Lineup With and Without Ochai Agbaji

It was their maximum vertical that was reported. For reference here are both numbers

Standing vertical | Maximum vertical (differential from standing)

Ochai Agbaji: 32” | 41.5” (+9.5”)

Kenny Gregory: 39.5” | 45.5” (+6”)

Keon Johnson: 41.5” | 48” (+6.5”)

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Five-star Sunrise Christian guard Gradey Dick commits to Kansas

@Mallory, don’t forget JWilson and Josell as well. It will be interesting to see who stays and if anyone leaves.

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'He wouldn’t get off the court': Silvio De Sousa makes long-awaited return during KU camp scrimmage

Yes, I believe the earlier story sbout the change stated that they had already moved the line.

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