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Unleashed energy: Sub Jamari Traylor's double-double pushes Kansas to next round

I have said this all year long. I think bill self planned it lke that. Come on now like bill self never saw how much better the team is run with coner r at point. If I noticed. I guarantee he and his staff noticed. But why play a trump card unless you need to. Eastern Kentucky did not game plan for frankamp and it showed. Bill self was probably planning to do this all along. What I think they should do is put Coner at the 1. And play tharpe and mason at the 2. The team is just ran so much smoother with Conerat the helm. The team actually runs an offense. To many times this year have I seen the team run down the court and fire up a 3. That is a turn over in my book. The offense is not set to rebound. 9 out of 10 times they brick it and it goes the other way, stuff gets me mad. I also get the feeling he migh be saving a zone defense up his sleeve ( we all know about the triangle and 2 ) maybe one we have not seen ever in bill self 11 years at kansas

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Unleashed energy: Sub Jamari Traylor's double-double pushes Kansas to next round


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Notebook: Embiid's succes no surprise to Self

Here is a hypothetical question

With your number 1 pick in draft would you take

A. Anthony Davis

B. Joel Embiid

C.Andrew Wiggins

Question 2. If you had the #1 pick and #2 pick assuming( Wiggins and Embiid Go 1 and 2)

Would you rather take

A.Anthony Davis - Michael Kidd Gilchrist

B. Joel Embiid - Andrew Wiggins.

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Notebook: Embiid's succes no surprise to Self

People are comparing Embiid to Anthony Davis already, and it is only his third year playing the game. Anthony Davis was Point Guard that no one wanted he grew 8 inches and became a phenom. But I think Joel Embiid is better than Anthony Davis, because Embiid better foot work and his frame is bigger and he still has yet to fill out. Anthony Davis is nice and a future ALL-STAR for sure. But Embiid ceiling seems to be enormous because he improves with every game. I think we are looking at a future 3 or 4 time NBA champion. Once Embiid finds his ceiling and fills out and he looks like he is going to be huge with his footwork, we could be looking at the next Tim Ducan

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Column: Andrew Wiggins starting to put his game together

I have a good feeling about this game. I just know we are going to win this one. It is personal. If we can win the next 2 games we will start to walk away with the conference title.

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Self: KU's alternate uniforms will stick around

I think they should make a Blue version with red lettering of the home uniforms. And use the grays as the alternate.

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Column: Embiid's impact for Kansas basketball goes beyond statistics

We need Tyler Self back. It is hard to win without one of our key players.

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Bill Self: College prospects ‘top-heavy’ lately

Kansas will be ranked #2. Espn put their rankings up in the schedule early by accident.

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