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Dunks to be on display at Late Night

The most important thing for this team to learn is defense. And as much talent as is here, there is still much to learn. Self will be on them, and rightly. With some athletic dee, the athletic offense will be stunning. But defense is what wins basketball games.

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Opinion: Kansas wideout situation mystifying

Part of the problem is that Heaps is a pocket passer with dubious elusiveness. He will do okay in the NFL, but you have to be creative in college where teams sell-out blitz every other play.

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Opinion: Kansas wideout situation mystifying

That was KSU in 2013 though.

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Turning a corner? KU finally wins close one in improbable 13-10 victory over LA Tech

LA Tech played very well; have the best defense we have seen so far. The PI penalties were specious; and KU stepped up. The team will begin to click now. You have to play for something. I think they get it now. And they'll be great.

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Notebook: TE Jimmay Mundine responds to benching; KU shuffles offensive line

I believe this is the only 50+ yard game winning kick in KU history?

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Box score breakdown: KU's running game against Rice wasn't what we're used to

Rice was concentrating on the run (8-9 in the box) and menacing Heaps with an inside blitz when the run did not take place. Needed a mobile QB. Rice played option read all day and we did not. Kansas would have killed them as the over-committed inside. Charlie needs an OC.

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Kansas football afflicted with dropsies

The 57-yard field goal was a morale killer. The guy has more 50+ yard FGs than most of the NFL. Why he is at Rice is an eternal mystery. Rice will founder back into obscurity next season--KU scheduled at the worst possible time. Still should have won. Better play calling and better effort are needed.

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KU's Sims eager for shot at Rice after sitting out loss

I don't know what game you watched, but KU looked good the last 45 min. 31-7 from that point with bad officiating to boot. This team will be fine. The first game in 2007 was similar actually.

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Opinion: Receivers dropping? Go hand shopping

Sadly, a lot of folks here missed the drops when they assessed Heaps performance. The dude has a Jaynes' like arm. Missing Bruce Adams right now though.

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Opinion: KU's offense not quite right in opener

Weis held a lot back. A lot. Good coaching. Even had the Jayhawk formation out there to get into Rice's heads. The problem with running a one-off game plan was on full display though. Honestly, we don't even know who several starters are for next week.

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