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Prep Oubre expected to announce today

(Blue) Chips are about to fall...if Oubre commits, who's next? Would be only one spot left: Alexander (no rush to commit) or Turner (supposed to wait until Spring). What a great time to be a Jayhawk!

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Riggle, wiggles highlight ‘Night

Post Late-Night commitments yet? Questions in the interim -

Is Cliff Alexander serious about sticking with Jaquan Lyle (especially as it seems Lyle is not a KU priority)? If so, those guys lean to Mich State. Does he leave Lyle at the altar and pop for KU?

Jahlil Okafor and Tyus Jones? Buzz seems to be they're Duke-leans and (although I don't follow recruiting religiously), I don't see much KU-chatter from Jones (from Okafor, yes). Nov 12 vs Duke in Chicago could be influential...

What about Myles Turner? I don't see he's scheduled a visit but apparently KU still in the running.

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Ex-Jayhawk Peters cleared to play for Arizona

We got Withey - they get Zach Peters (good luck to him and all); time will tell, I guess, but I'm sensing we got the better end of this "trade."

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Report: Portland trades rookie Jeff Withey to New Orleans

and that B Rush sent to Utah Jazz as part of salary-cap clearance for Golden State (mostly, so GS can sign UFA Igualdola).

The 'Hawks really are flying....

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KU wins NCAA women's track title

Congratulations! RCJH, go KU!!!

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Top prospect Andrew Wiggins chooses Kansas

And, in other news, "Tarik Black is visiting KU today."

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Top prospect Andrew Wiggins to announce on Tuesday

Trublue's on to something. Posters in Emporia keep your eyes open - for Wiggins family looking for home for the year!

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Joe Dooley wins over Gulf Coast players

Guaranteed ploy to get Andrew Wiggins to sign with KU (***spoiler alert - this would be hard for many to wrap their heads around, including HCBS, but shows the cost of doing business these days***): "Andrew, we're going to schedule a game with Wichita State." Andrew Wiggins vs. Nick Wiggins...who else could deliver this?

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Jayhawk fans could benefit from cheap Sweet 16 and Elite Eight ticket prices

A couple of months ago, I purchased tickets for the West Regional here at Staples in LA just in case KU got sent West. I've done this in the past and usually, at the very least, no problem in getting my investment back. But this year's West Regional - I'm going to be lucky to sell them at all. There are all kinds of tickets available but seemingly, very little interest. I thought that Arizona fans would gobble up the tickets as they did a couple of years ago, but so far, no.

Shocker fans reading this: there are tickets, so climb into your cars right now and you'll roll into LA in time for Thursday tip-off

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Three reasons I think North Carolina doesn't match up well with KU

Frank McGuire was the UNC coach. Al and Dick McGuire (these two were brothers unrelated to Frank) were also NYC-Irish bballers (players, then coaches). Frank started the NYC-to-UNC pipeline - Frank hired Dean Smith who then replaced him when he (Frank) went to coach in NBA.

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