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Three observations from KU's first spring game since 2019

I thought they definitely struggled. I just wanted to wait until I rewatched the game to really analyze it. I also think it is to be expected, no way of fixing everything overnight.

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Line moving in KU's favor ahead of matchup with Kentucky in Champions Classic

Haha, right? That's what I get for picking against the Big 12. 4-1 day incoming! (It will likely not be 4-1)

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Five interesting numbers from KU's 47-14 loss to Baylor

The highest passing grade in college football so far this season is Trevor Lawrence with a 95.7, for context.

PFF essentially grades each play as positive, negative or neutral. Most plays tend to get a neutral grade, but negatives and positives obviously impact the overall grade. Daniels obviously had some freshman mistakes, and missing throws end up being negative. I don't believe opponent is factored in, but I wouldn't read too much into MacVittie and Kendrick both having better grades. Had either of them played more snaps, I think you would have seen them have more negative plays. MacVittie might still have been better, but I highly doubt Kendrick would have performed better in terms of PFF grades.

Context is always key. Just thought the info was worth sharing. Great question!

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KU football is betting favorite in 2020 opener despite losing to Coastal Carolina last year

Yeah, like I said, I'm not even sure if I would pick against KU at this point. Haven't put too much thought into it, but I'll have an official pick by the end of the week. I'm more surprised that Vegas seems to be giving KU the benefit of the doubt. And by a decent margin. The spread was as high as 7.5 points Monday night. Action Network's model has adjusted home-field advantage to just 1 point, so 7.5 seems steep when you factor in the no crowd. All that is to say, I can see a scenario where KU wins this game and cover. I was just surprised at the spread, given the FPI numbers and the returning production. Regardless, excited to have football back!

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Getting to know: Texas Tech basketball

Good catch, thank you!

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How KU women's basketball went undefeated in nonconference play after dropping exhibition opener

It is basically KenPom for women's basketball. Like KenPom, you have to pay to use it though.

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KU football opens as 14-point underdog against No. 11 Baylor

They took the line down Sunday night/Monday morning, and I assumed it was because of Brewer. The line was posted again Monday afternoon, when it was announced he was good to go. So this line is based on Brewer playing.

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KU's defense must fix issues against mobile quarterbacks ahead of matchup with OSU

I think he's a faster than the previous three quarterbacks from what I have seen on tape, and he's not someone that is going to run defenders over like Ehlinger.

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Kansas QB Carter Stanley performing well against different types of pressure

So much this! But also, I wasn't able to chart the Texas game, and they used a lot of 5+ blitzers from what I saw when watching live. I'm sure Stanley's numbers were good in those situations as well.

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Pick 6: Bets bets for Week 9 of college football

Haha you have a fair point. I'll always take being at least 55% ATS though, especially since we include the NFL every week and that is the toughest sport to bet on.

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