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Matt Tait: KU's lack of commitments in 2019 class actually an advantage for Les Miles

Matt- Have you heard of any other coaches who were in the running for the job or was Les the only real candidate? Any idea on who plan B might've been?

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KU football adds 8th juco prospect, DL Charles Cole, to recruiting class

Sadly, I think the staff has been forced to go heavy with the JUCO defenders in an attempt to recover from the mass exodus of HS commits, in addition to the likely departures of Wise and Armstrong. At one time, they had 5-6 DL commits from the HS ranks, down to 2.

Just a thought...

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Tom Keegan: Zac Woodfin brings scientific mind and savage mindset to KU football

Bob Bailey you have flogged that dead carcass for a few years now, You have made your point, you hate Clint Bowen. I don't know if he owes you money or stole your best girl or some of your most prized cattle but you need to find a new tune to sing man.

I hope you've at least submitted your resume to Beaty, if not, I recommend doing so in the hope that you can find some peace of mind and stop wearing out these posting threads.

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Jason Phillips leaves KU football staff

Jay, I disagree. There was a marked improvement in the WR position from 2015 to 2016. As the article mentioned, players specifically cited his instruction as a major contributor to their improvement and production, not to mention his recruiting ties to Houston.

Depending on the quality of his replacement, this could be a big negative, considering how reliant this offense is on high level receiver play and production.

Are you saying Tony Hull's contributions haven't impressed you with the recruiting prowess as well as the RB production? How about Michael Slater and the performance of the defense line?

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Former WSU QB Peyton Bender commits to Kansas

I read where Bender's dad blamed the poor grades at WSU on Peyton joining a fraternity and losing his focus. Take that for whatever it's worth but it seems like he has as much potential as any other QB currently on the roster.

They definitely need an upgrade at the position.

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KU football upsets Texas in overtime, wins first Big 12 game

Just think about the recruiting boost Beaty would have to work with if they hadn't let TCU and ISU off the hook...

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Tom Keegan: Carter Stanley infused energy into Jayhawks and then he punted

Every other soul, both in the stands and watching the game KNEW what that pooch punt did, except Beaty...

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'Competition mode' to determine KU's starting QB vs. ISU

Tough picturing a KU win vs ISU, Unlike KU, they always look well prepared to play and they play hard the entire game. They typically lose due to superior talent, not coaching staff follies.

Even ISU can always find a serviceable QB to trigger their attack, unlike their conference mates in Lawrence, a fact which continues to boggle the mind. A poor showing on Saturday ought to make Beaty's and Zenger's respective seats awfully warm.

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David Beaty wants Montell Cozart to be game manager at QB

Some of you guys here seem very slow/unwilling to accept that Cozart is the best option on the roster, at this time. Once you accept that cold, hard fact, your BP can come on back down and perhaps you all will live to see what next season brings us.

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Steps backward: Jayhawks demolished at Baylor, 49-7

For what it's worth, I too hoped he'd get an offer. From what I recall reading, things never progressed that far as Warriner came away from a meeting with Zenger and removed himself from consideration. I think I recall reading where Zenger decided on Beaty based, in no small part, on his Texas recruiting ties.

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