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Column: K-State apology sorry excuse for an apology

I rarely agree with Keegan but he nailed this one. It is clear after this incident that KU owns not only the psyche of the students but they own the administration as well. Showcasing a Jayhawk in their first game, two months before KU and KSU actually play? Really? Their sophomoric idea embarrassed not only KSU but the entire state. Was it funny? Perhaps if you were a 14-year-old boy or Beevis and Butthead t was funny but it stooped fairly low in concept and certainly in execution. Moreover, Schulz continues to show himself a man of low character in his handling of sportsmanship issues and is perhaps Beevis or Butthead in disguise. I hope Zenger calls the incident what it was and stands up for the university for which he works unlike the Jamari incident.

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A look back at the history of KU vs. Wichita State

It would be great if someone in the media (Keegan) could set the AP straight that KU is not ducking WSU. They stopped the series in 93 after getting their rears kicked multiple times. Roy stopped any option after Jerry Green was not hired during the Shocker's two decades of national irrelevance. Turg brought them back and he understood KU had no incentive to play them.

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Jayhawks share blame after blowing 17-point lead to Iowa State

Perry and Wayne show leadership. The problem with this team is low BBIQ. It has blown more leads than any KU team in history. They were lucky to win most of the games but there is no excuse other than not valuing possessions nor understanding momentum. Some of that might be fixed by growing up another year but it won't help next weekend.

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Embiid's dad says son's injury 'not serious,' expects him to play at some point in NCAAs

Way to go buddy! KK is the worst kind of propagandist. He lies and distorts yet no one will officially call him on it. Hit them in the pocketbook and stop advertising on his show and station.

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