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KU linebacker arrested at popular Lawrence bar

How'd he get caught at the hawk? Unless the security went up since I left, usually everyone warned when the cops are there checking IDs and you bailed out of the back. But also silly that he got caught a week before his 21st. The hawk was frequented by athletes when I was there (all under 21...Xavier etc).

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The Day After: Waived by the Wheat Shockers

id have much rather seen mickelson and svi in there. While it might not have mattered, id have enjoyed watching guys who are actually hustling, trying, and act like they care out there instead of oubre, greene, selden.

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Kansas earns No. 2 seed in Midwest region, will tip off vs. New Mexico State at 11:15 a.m. Friday

Excited to potentially face the shockers, but scared theyll blow us out. Tough region, notre dame playing well and of course, Kentucky.....

I dont predict us getting out of the sweet 16 if we get there, but im hoping! They underseeded the shockers hardcore to set up that potential matchup. Id have guessed a 5 seed at the lowest.

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Andrew Wiggins workout highlights making social media rounds

I'm friends with the guy that runs pure sweat (Drew Hanlen), was singing his praises constantly. Proud of Drew and Wiggs! Repping STL and KU!

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Opinion: Teams will regret passing on McLemore

lol made me think of the baseketball opening

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KU Athletics, ESPN announce rights agreement

someone call the wambulance for rockchalkunleashed. do you think you complaining on every comment will make KU restructure the deals? no, deal with it. I'm in st louis so all i get are SEC games now. put on your big boy pants

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James, Heat repeat as NBA champs; Chalmers wins second ring

kellerman411 9 hours, 38 minutes ago
Couldn't agree more. Chalmers is the punching bag for Dwade and Lebron until crunch time and they are shaking in their boots, then they let Chalmers go make a play

this is what i was referencing. i didnt say that they dont get the bulk of the attention because they do and rightfully so. If they werent on the team, they wouldnt win, period. Lebron dropped 37 last night and 30+ in game 6. Wade also played well so of course theyll get the most press. just annoying how people dislike lebron for joining with d wade and bosh.

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James, Heat repeat as NBA champs; Chalmers wins second ring

hating the heat is the trendy thing to do. i've liked the heat since lebron joined them and mario was drafted. if lebron was on another team, id be a fan of that team.

people above saying mario is the best player and lebron and wade take all of the publicity, are you crazy? james scored 37 tonight and DOMINATED the game. Also in game 6 in the 4th....wade did work last night as well. marios an awesome role player and potential stud at PG; but to say lebron and wade steal the spotlight from mario is asinine.

nevertheless, rock chalk mario!

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The nation's reaction to top recruit Andrew Wiggins choosing Kansas

after looking at videos of wiggins, embiid, and selden, i cant wait for the season! we'll seriously be the most athletic and dangerous team, even over kentucky.

embiid can slam and shoot. hes a freak athletically and will own the paint after some seasoning. selden is the same except he can dribble and shoot lights out! no explanation needed on wiggins.

all tharpe needs to do is distribute and perry needs to be that constant source of points and boards.

then we have all of our sharpshooters and muscle coming off the bench! can the season start tomorrow?

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Top prospect Andrew Wiggins chooses Kansas

id still take
1) Mario
2) Robinson
3) Rush
4) Arthur
5) Jackson.

his best team ever. no argument until another one wins it all.

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