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Notebook: Bill Self on Cyclones: 'Hey, they're good'

Interesting stat fact that wasn't mentioned above; 3 KU players had a double double and McLemore was NOT one of them. I don't recall seeing taht in a KU box score in the past few years.

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KU facilities fix lies in West Campus


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Coming on fast: Speedy, energetic LB Heeney takes aim at starting job

Ah, per se KU FAN. His hatred of Turner Gill trumps his alleged devotion to KU so he is probably preoccupied with posting on the LBU bulletin boards. Bad news for Gill but good news for KU and this forum

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How a missed blockout and a lucky carom helped KU take down Purdue

i agree wiht thomc6 and marchphog88 - Hummel might have been open for a split second on the back cut but when watched in live action I don't think it was as great an opportunity as it appears to be in still frame shots. It would have taken a great pass from Jackson, assuming that he saw Hummel.
On the other hand, TT failure to box out was obvious and it was surprising Johnson was unable to pull down the offensive rebound. Also even though EJ was in good postion intially, Byrd id a good job of getting around him and almost got the rebound.
Great piece Jesse - I really enjoyed it.

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Reports: Big 12, ESPN near $1.3 billion TV deal

Over the long term and assuming the rise of Super Conferences, how so?

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Reports: Big 12, ESPN near $1.3 billion TV deal

I agree. I posted below before I saw this response to Chris1955

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Reports: Big 12, ESPN near $1.3 billion TV deal

Hey Obama, thanks for lifting your curse and NOT picking KU in this year's Tournament.

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Reports: Big 12, ESPN near $1.3 billion TV deal

Oakville, so this would be an exception to your rule "never take the first offer when you have the product of interest"? Just kidding - I agree with you.

And I also agree with Chris1995 about a KU move to B1G but for other reasons. My reasoning is that when the complete Super Conferences realignment become ineventual then the B1G will have to go to 16 teams to keep pace. And when that happens I find it hard to believe that when all things are considered (geography, academics and sports programs) there are 4 schools that would be more attractive to the B1G than KU (assuming members of the SEC, ACC and PAC are not in play).

I think that Missouri could have utlitmately been invited to the B1G if they had been more patient and willing to proceed on the B1G timetable and not their own. I think KU is willing to be patient and will ultimately be rewarded for that patience. And in the meantime KU will rebuild its football program making itself even more attractive to the B1G.

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Self raves about Tyshawn Taylor’s big-time Big 12 play

PV, so you have "heartfelt sympathy" and a "most profound respect and admiration" for your subject? After reading this post (and considering the method used to draw attention to it), I wonder if anyone has either for you?

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Tweet nothings: Tyshawn Taylor scores 28, silences Twitterati

PV, I concur with your comments.
p.s. you have seen Jaybate - I thought his identity was unknown.

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