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Duane Peschka 13 years, 5 months ago

1st. John Wall and Lance Stepheson are not, again I say, ARE NOT coming to KU. 2nd. 2009-2010 KU team was going to compete for the National Championship BEFORE X committed. It now strengthens the chances of winning the title. However, the games still have to be played on the court and not in the fantasy minds of fans.
3th. CJ is certainly not the player he was in 2005. Of all the possible lineup combinations next year, CJ will be the odd man out. He will have very limited playing time. Several of the current players and E. Johnson are better. 4th KU was #1 in several preseason polls with high expectations for the title. The addition of X just solidifys those expectations. The KU program is not just about one player. The focus should be on the team.


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