Matt Tait 8 years, 11 months ago

Hey Ryan_32...

Saw your comments following the game and just wanted to check in with you about a couple of things.

First, thanks for participating with our site. Hope you enjoy most of what we provide.

Second, I noticed that you mentioned that the live game blog used to not stay open after games and that it does now. Part of the reason for that is we're still working on shuffling our staff and guys are falling into new roles. My question for you is, do you see some harm in that? I'm asking because I don't participate with it once the game is over and it seems to me like it wouldn't be a big deal to keep the discussion open but if it is I'd like to know why so we can make sure to fix it.

Finally, we've got a great plan in place for replacing Jesse and are going to start rolling out some new and exciting stuff that I'm sure you will enjoy.

All the best, and thanks for any feedback you provide.

  • Matt Tait

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