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Jayhawks arrive at World University Games after 28-hour travel day

Be safe and have fun guys. Should be one hell of a ride.

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Oubre talks big before his NBA career begins

I'm actually fine with Oubre's talk. Does he have the game to back up his mouth? No. But he's right. The NBA is a kill or be killed world. If he doesn't believe he's among the best he'll never get there. There have been studies even where its been found that people who can lie themselves tend to be more successful. Like if you fill out a survey and literaly say on it that your poop doesn't stink, that's a sign that your more likely to succeed. Kelly's gonna get put in his place soon enough but its better that he believes he's great if he wants to reach greatness.

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Self-improvement Bragg’s priority

Bragg looked the same height as Landen Lucas when posing in his team picture. If you really believe that Lucas is 6-10 then I guess Bragg is two but I think they both might be exaggerating a little. Either way I'm way less concerned about how tall they are and am more concerned with how strong they are. Lucas was getting pushed around by much smaller guys in the exhibition games. Bragg needs to get stronger too.

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Passport thief thwarts KU forward Dwight Coleby's plan

Chukwu to Cuse made sense once KU was out of scholarships. I'm not sure that I would have picked Coleby over Chuckwu given the choice, but now that it's been decided, the only thing to do is hope we got the better end of the deal. You never know. Sometimes when you think you've been given the short end of the stick, it turns out you had the high hand all along.

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Jayhawks (plus two) ready for World University Games tuneup at Sprint Center

Very nice write up Shannon. Hopefully we'll have a bit better showing on Friday, but it was a nice win.

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Column: Jayhawks provide glimpse of priceless experience

I was very impressed with Mason's effort and Bragg's hustle. Mick and Lucas struggled mightily, though. We need to get stronger around the rim. Jamari provided a good surge of hustle too.

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Devonté Graham injures quad, will miss World University Games

Tough break for Graham and tough break for the team. Does Larry Brown have another rabbit in his hat? Either way, get right, Devonte. If we're going to right the ship this year, we'll need a guy with your talents. God bless.

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Frank Mason, Wayne Selden lead KU Blue team to 92-91 victory in Bill Self campers game

If Frank can average even just half what he's doing in these exhibitions, we'll be in for a great ride this season. Still, this is only a scrimmage. I'm looking forward to seeing if he can keep this going at the Sprint Center on Tuesday. Too bad we won't be able to see if Svi's improved.

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Carlton Bragg leads Red team in second camp scrimmage

Stay hungry young blood. Take advantage of a year with Perry, and soon enough you'll make your mark.

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Fast talk: Jayhawks practice fast to play fast

It's been reported that the WUG games will be available on ESPNU and ESPN3. I don't think there are any plans to broadcast the exhibition games at the Sprint Center and I would be surprised if that changed.

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