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David Beaty: No plan to redshirt any KU football players at this juncture

Why would he red-shirt any players? He isn't going to be around to worry about it in the future. It's not like he needs to worry about the next coaches problem he leaves behind.

If I'm the AD, I would step in and make sure some of the players do get red-shirted for the benefit of some of the kids.

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KU football legend John Hadl retires from Williams Education Fund position

All I have is a short thought.

Mr. Hadl - Thank you for your time, effort and commitment to the University. Rock Chalk

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Tom Keegan: Army's near upset of Oklahoma a nice blueprint

I'm not advocating for this year, but the next hire.

If college football is big business, and it is, then the approach to recruiting needs to use the same principals. It really is scouting/recruiting to a system and supply and demand.

If everyone wants the same item, the price goes up. 4 and 5 star recruits But if you take a 3 star with some flaws that fit your system, then you are doing it right. Think about both the QB and OL positions.

QB - Everyone wants an Elite 11 kid who can scan the field and throw the deep ball to fit into the high power spread offenses. Why not take some of the 3 star QB's in HS that don't have a great arm, but are smart and run really well. As I said earlier - isn't it better to have a top 5 running QB vs a 40-50th rank throwing QB.

Same with the OL -- Everyone wants a kid that is 6'4" 310-320 lbs. There just aren't a lot of them out there. Why not take the kid that is 6'0" 275 lbs that has great technique and speed and use him in the run game instead of pass blocking.

Maybe this is too simplistic of a concept, but something radically different needs to happen with the next hire.

PS - I've not given up on this year because of the kids, not the coaching staff..

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Tom Keegan: Army's near upset of Oklahoma a nice blueprint

I don't chime in very often - but this is something I've been interested in years.

1. Does it make sense to recruit the 35th to 40th best player at their position or the best player at their position. Well that is an obvious answer. KU can't compete with the other elite programs for the best QB, RB, WR, OL, DL, LB, CB etc... so you need to find players that don't fit into a cookie cutter system. Find the players that fit into a system that no one else uses. Example: Why get the 50th best pocket passer when you can get the 5th best running QB. It is really simple economics. Supply and Demand.

2. Why have a game plan that the rest of the conference has seen from their other 8 conference opponents. Why not have a game plan that they only see 1 time a year. They spend 95% of their practice time working on defending the passing game and spread type of offenses. Example: Why was Nebraska so successful for all those years running the option. Their opponents only saw it once or twice a year during the 70's and 80's. Same as OU.

3. You are going to hear that High School recruits won't want to come play in a program that doesn't highlight their skill sets. HS kids also don't want to play for a team that doesn't win consistently. HS kids will go play for any program that gives them a chance. Think about all the overlooked HS players that turn out to have a heart as big as the university. Its because they were overlooked, and put in more effort than the other kids. BTW - It works at Georgia Tech and they are in a P5 conference.

Finally - I believe the fan base would accept and be enthusiastic about seeing something different. Being unique and your own individual can be a good thing. Find the coach that can be unique. You don't need to follow the path of others to be successful. But above all else - Find the coaches that have a plan, stick to the plan and know how to coach to the plan.

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KU football coach David Beaty 'not at all' concerned about contract or future with program

Is it wrong of me to check the website multiple times a day hoping there is an article about Beaty being let go?

1. I feel his biggest error to date is his inability to find and evaluate High School talent properly. You can't go by Rivals rankings, but by what you see. Failure there. This is the absolute lifeblood of the program.

2. The ever asked question of if not him, then who? And the answer is not anyone. You can not try to compete with the top programs by emulating them and doing what they do. You will always be behind them if you try this. You must try to do something different. I would look for any coach that runs the wishbone, option, wildcat. Any type of run game. You have to get the players that don't fit the schemes of the top program. These are the HS players that are left out with a grudge. Running Backs are everywhere. Find the lineman that only know how to RUN block. Do Something Different.

3. I don't care about Zenger staying or going, but take the ability to hire head coaches out of his hands and put it back in the hands of a committee of knowledgeable alumni.

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