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A bad, bad Bull

Greetings Hawkfans! This should be a good one.... I must point out that this game is THE non conference game in Tampa this season and there will be a very loud SEA of GREEN to contend with. Tampa has embraced the Bulls and it will be the lead story on every news outlet in Tampa Bay. If the excitement is on par with last year's WV game you will have problems.The QB dual will be awesome. Two "little" guys going head to head. I don't like Spikes chances against Selvie (Spikes too big - Selvie too quick) George has been double and tripple teamed on just about every play this season so, yes, he hasn't gotten a sack. Spikes will need help. But, you've got another Freshman on the right end that's going up against Sr Jarrett Buie and he brings a LOAD. I don't think the Bulls will have to load the box to bring pressure and that will only benefit the secondary.KU has a pretty sharp secondary too and Grothe is prone to INTs when he tries to force it. Hopefully the rushing game (which KU is weak against) will prevent too many errant passes. The Bull Pen has great depth in the backfield.I predict a very fun defensive slugfest. If the USF special teams can tow the line (which they haven't the past two weeks!!) USF will win by 10.USF 20 - KU 10

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