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Josh Jackson survives hard fall unscathed, thrills campers with 21-point outing

Great attitude by JJ, this guy is quickly becoming one of my favorites.

The biggest surprise to me was the "sophomore Lagerald Vick, who had 29 points off 10-of-13 shooting, with seven threes" line in the article. WOW. How come people aren't making more of this?? That's awesome. Would love to see Vick have a breakout year.

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Father explains Greene’s 6-game suspension due to playing-time dispute

I really wish you guys would cut it out with all of this type of talk. There are a lot of ways this could end up and I will be heartbroken to see BG leave. I'm going to keep pushing through media to maybe get through to the coaches about the rotation. The fact is that BG was right to be upset. He has a tremendous will to win and is a diehard competitor. These are the kind of guys you want on your team. If he walked off the court and wasn't upset then there would be something wrong with that.

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Cheick Diallo's legal guardian hires attorney as Diallo continues battle to become eligible

Guilty until proven innocent, the way of the NCAA.

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KU’s Mykhailiuk getting stronger

Atta boy Svi, put on that freshmen 15. Hope its an indication that not only is he hitting the gym, but also eating well and partying well too. At least that was my formula back in the day.

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Chukwu completes visit

Just because you're an athlete doesn't mean that you cannot apply for and qualify for some sort of financial aid. Any walk-on (that isn't on athletic scholarship) can get a partial or maybe even a full ride for financial reasons. Its also possible if PC is a stellar student that he could qualify for an academic scholarship too. There are avenues to assist with tuition, it won't be as easy as a full athletic scholarship would be but there are other ways available to help ease the burden if KU is his school of choice.

Albeit these options are far from a sure thing, but its a possibility.

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Coveted recruit Ingram to declare Monday

Really like this kid and would be elated if he picks KU today. Will continue to be a fan of his wherever he picks though, as long as its not Kentucky of course. It sounds like Brandon has put a lot of thought into this decision which makes me think KU has a decent chance.

Will be doing some celebrating if any of these last 3 big recruits pick KU. Rock Chalk.

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Prep Ingram to pick Monday

I've followed this recruitment very closely and done a lot of my own researching and actually think KU has a legit shot at landing Ingram. Everyone always acts like they know what they are going to do but they have no clue. All the buzz on here reminds me of when Wiggins was about to declare. Everyone was acting the same way saying KU had no chance.

There are lots of factors that go into the decision and Ingram will make the decision that is best for HIM.

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KU basketball recruiting notebook: Newman undecided

What about the trip to Maui??? I'd think that would be a huge selling point for this year's recruits too. Can't forget about the new dorms as well. Its going to be an awesome year to be a Jayhawk.

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Race on to land remaining preps


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McDonald's All-America game: Diallo tops among all-stars

Out of all of the uncommitted players left, Diallo is the one I'd like to see come to KU the most. He's the most needed, even ahead of Zim. He may be three inches shorter but he plays big and can move up and down the court and can rebound. He was always around the ball. His energy leads to so many more opportunities and production and hopefully is something that this team can feed off of.

Ingram looked pretty good too, he is so long. He said that out of everyone, Bragg has been in his ear the most about joining forces together. Hopefully it works!

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