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Kansas coach Bill Self on Ochai Agbaji's shot and beating Texas Tech in double overtime

The video of coach after KSU and this game have been difficult to hear. Is there a way to help that, or are these two videos just lower quality? I can't hardly hear what coach is saying and I'd like to be able to.

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KU freshman KJ Adams impresses in first start for the Jayhawks

KJ is one of my favorite players this year. The kid just busts his ass every possession on both ends of the floor. I don't know what kind of scorer he will be for us as time goes on, but with his other attributes I look forward to watching him grow!

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Game day breakdown: No. 9 Kansas basketball vs. No. 15 Iowa State

I guess ESPN+ is the official channel of the Jayhawks now. Seems to be the only place you can watch a game anymore. Sad that it has become a pay to watch world for everything. The cable you already pay for isn't good enough now. Guess they have to make that money to pay their players NIL deals somehow. It's a shame.....

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Offensive defensive effort sinks No. 6 Kansas in 75-67 loss at Texas Tech

Let's just be honest with one another on here........ outside of Doke and Joel, what big man has done anything since Danny manning left? We just don't develop bigs like we used to anymore. Part of that is the way the game is going. Part of that is the recruiting issues we've had. Part of it is that kids don't stick around anymore. There are a lot of variables, but the biggest is losing Manning. We can heap the crap on this team all we want, but the reality is that this team is going to be inconsistent and when Big Dave is struggling we will struggle. I love Mitch, but please tell me what other top 10 team he would be the starting 5 on? I'll wait. Honestly, I'd put KJ in there and let him learn this year. He gives maximum effort and has that junkyard dog you need in the paint. I also think that we're finding out that coach was right when Remy was coming out of high school. He didn't fit our system........ love the kid, but he's too ball dominant and because he's not playing his game, he is out of rhythm. All that being said, we are still a pretty darn good team and if we catch fire who know's where this season leads! RCJH!!

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Jayhawks drop 3 spots to No. 9 in latest AP poll

Rankings don't mean much right now. Let's see where things wind up towards the end of February, early March. If anyone thought we would march through the Big 12 with losses only to maybe Baylor........ you were fooling yourself. We've got a really good league this year. We will have 3-5 losses by the end of this thing and I don't think anyone has less than 2.

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Report has Crawford headed to Wisconsin; Kansas volleyball finishes season ranked in Top 20

Not sure what happened here........ All I know is that game experience trumps everything and she's going to get less of it there. This doesn't speak well for our program as far as optics go. Maybe she just felt like the coaching would be better there or something. Nobody will ever know. They will say all the right things and act like it was mutual........ we all know better. Either way, we roll with the ones who are here RCJH!!

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Kansas running back Amauri Pesek-Hickson enters transfer portal

I hate the transfer portal. I know we have benefitted from it, but it's just too easy to give up without any consequences. He had Neal, Hinshaw and the transfer guy to compete against and you want to see a kid go after it, not give up. With injuries and COVID, 3rd or 4th on the depth chart probably will play significant minutes during the season. Good luck to this young man wherever he winds up, I hope this move was the right one.

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Kenny Logan Jr. will be 'back for more' as a KU football senior in 2022

I'm glad Logan is sticking around, I am a big fan of loyalty and this kid has it in spades. I hope he has such a good year next season that he not only wins Big 12 honors, but All-American as well. He plays with such passion and an edge and I love it!! Rock Chalk

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KU Athletics: Calling off 2022 Kansas Relays 'the financially responsible decision'

I guess we must be the only place having that problem. Don't recall any other big meets being called off, but sure. I would rather them just be honest and admit that due to posturing and pressure from outside forces, we are giving the whiners their way.

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KU football's 2022 schedule finalized

I see what you're saying, but what does playing 3 crap teams really do for us? It doesn't prepare you for Big 12 play and it's a mirage to fans who "think" we're turning a corner. Then we go into Big 12 play and get mud stomped because we aren't ready and nobody comes to the games the second half of the season and a new coach gets hired. It's a vicious cycle that we need to get out of. Just my opinion.

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