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Kansas football coach Lance Leipold says focus is on KU not Nebraska

Truth is, we can all sit here and give our educated guesses on whether he would leave or not and there are a lot of good points from my fellow Jayhawk fans in here............. but for this Jayhawk, until he removes his name from the running or a coach is announced. I will cross my fingers and hope he stays. I trust Lance and I support him, even if he choses to move on to Nebraska. He's already earned that from me. I'm just enjoying this team we have right now and am extremely proud of what he and his staff and players have done in such a short time. Rock Chalk!!!

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Report: Kansas' Bill Self, Kurtis Townsend avoid off-campus recruiting amid NCAA probe

At this point, what kind of ledge does the NCAA have to stand on. They've drug this out for many YEARS, not weeks, months....... but YEARS. It has cost us in sponsorship and donations. It has cost us players in recruiting and in the transfer. It has cost us the opportunity to market ourselves better in these realignment talks. It has brought a stain to our University. It has been long enough and honestly, it needs to be done and over. I don't see how the NCAA, with a straight face can really do much about it now when they've brought in free agency. I believe that we are going to do some kind of "self imposed" BS and that will be it. If the NCAA had anything, they'd have already dropped the hammer. If we did something wrong, then fine. Give us the verdict. If you can't prove it and you just feel like we did, then it's time to move on. We're tired of waiting on Millionaires who are crooked as hell to judge a basketball team that has done nothing but brought positive to college basketball through the years.

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New Big 12 commissioner Brett Yormark: Kansas 'a big part of what we're building'

Good ol Rodney........ maybe they asked him specifically about Kansas and he answered as such. But you seem like a click bait type guy, so I'm not shocked at your comment. Context is key buddy

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Kansas basketball forward David McCormack declares for 2022 NBA Draft

I would venture to guess that this was twofold. One, he wants to chase his dream and he should. Two, look..... we've got some depth at the big man spot with existing and incoming guys and probably put ourselves at risk to losing one or two of them if he returned that the staff didn't want to lose. I'm sure everyone in KU blue would say otherwise, but let's be honest...... with the transfer portal and guys able to freely move around we're seeing some big time guys leave places. At the end of the day, I wish him the best and I hope he makes a roster. He gave us everything he had and played a big role in winning the SHIP!! RCJH and thank you Big Dave!!

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Kansas safety Johnquai Lewis is 8th football player to transfer in 5 days

Remember, Texas Tech now has coach Jones recruiting there and we all saw first hand his recruiting prowess........ However, Tech typically recruits decently and doesn't really do a whole lot with it. I will wait to see what our staff can do with recruiting and development before I get too worked up about all these losses. Coach talks about culture a lot and I would venture to guess many of these guys leaving aren't bought in to that, because let's be honest. Athletes today are mostly about ME ME ME. A majority of the guys we're losing came while Miles was here and I don't think his culture had a lot to do with accountability and work ethic as much as number of stars and projections.

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Lawrence Arnold, one of Kansas' top returning WRs, plans to transfer

My guess is that some big time football programs are reaching out to him. I have a hard time believing it's playing time, coaching or our QB1 as some have mentioned. He also was a Miles recruit and there has been a mass exodus of those guys the last few years. Either way, if he doesn't want to be here then go. Expecting any kind of loyalty out of these guys is laughable and something I'm no longer wasting my time counting on. NCAA is allowing free agency and these kids are taking advantage of it. Good riddance and good luck, we don't need you.

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Taiyanna Jackson leads Kansas women's basketball team to win at No. 19 Oklahoma

Rock Chalk ladies!!!! Great season and hopefully a great postseason!! So proud of your hard work and dedication to KU. Thank you for never giving up, even when most of us gave up on you throughout the last few years.

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Zach Clemence's 26 seconds of action enough to land top spot on off night for Kansas

All I have heard for 2 years is how great McCormack is. Sorry, but he's a rotational player at best. I think Bill Self, once he locks in on a player forces it a bit and we all know he plays through his bigs. Another part of that is that we don't have much alternative. I've never seen us get dominated so badly in the toughness department. The look on our guys faces in the first half told me all I needed to know, we were lucky to make a few threes right before half. Turned it off at halftime, glad I did. Not much fight in them last night, played soft. Seems to me we showed up thinking our name would win that game, we were not prepared at all and everyone in the country knows how TCU plays. I normally can understand an off game or bad play, but not this time. That game was just a who wants it more game and we stayed on the bus.

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No. 9 Iowa State snaps Kansas women's basketball's seven-game winning streak

I think that people have been too focused on why we weren't ranked lately. This game goes to show you why. We are light years better than we've been without question, but we've beaten the teams we should have and now we have to prove we can compete with the top 1/3 of the league. Not a good start to proving that, but I don't think this game is indicative of where this team is at either. Hopefully these next 3 will be competitive to the end and give them some momentum.

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Beaten and bruised: No. 8 Kansas falls late in physical loss at No. 20 Texas

I tuned in to watch a good basketball game and instead felt like I was watching a football game. Refs ate their whistles and that's fine...... but then the last 5 minutes everything is a foul. Just be consistent. I honestly feel like if the Longhorns can't bully their opponents with cheap shots and hard fouls that aren't called, they get handled pretty well. They are a bull in a China shop and for 35 minutes the refs let them get away with it. Their "top notch defense" to me is a lot more fouling than defending. It was the same at Tech with Beard. Never been a fan of his. On to the next.

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