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Marcus Morris named Wooden Award midseason candidate

Love Marcus but lets face it very rare will a KU and Bill Self coached player be player of the year. Bills philospohy is team with one member of that team being the leader. With the amount of talent and balance Bill surrounds his leader with its next to impossible to expect 20+ points out of a night. The media focuses too much on stats and not importance and that fact will hurt KU players like Marcus now and down the road. Does he deserve a serious look absolutely will he maybe. Oh well Ill take the victories, conference titles, and possible national titles and still see the boys play at the next level.


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KU basketball player Mario Little arrested after altercation involving girlfriend, suspended indefinitely

If he's guilty how stupid. The kid redshirts to prepare for this year and blows it. Im sure Im not the only one getting sick of stupid decisions making our great program look bad!

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Future KU football players shine at 6A state

Yeah with all the OLine over haul I doubt it daverclear but hey you never know, recruiting is a wild game lol

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Future KU football players shine at 6A state

Dreamius is a special talent. If he played in TX or FL he'd be a top 100 recruit. I had the pleasure of watching him play Junction City in the playoffs. Though JC held him to I think 118 yds which is still good, he showed great vision and patience not to mention break away speed. Lawrence will love the kid. Also in that game I seen how bad Gil & Co whiffed on OL Jordon McCallister. He looked amazing pancaking, bocking 2 guys at a time, and collapsing the whole D Line. A chunk of the yards Smith had were first half, he had 6 in the second half after McCallister was put on the D Line. After the game Smith and McCallister had a conversation and showed great respect for eachother, too bad they won't be team mates, I hate losing out on a local hidden gem. Not to mention of how he dominated Jordan Phillip sat KU Friday Night Lights. Oh well someone will have a great O or D Lineman. Go Hawks.

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KU men's basketball second in preseason Big 12 coaches poll

K State is good and now the fans are gonna think they are the best thing since sliced bread. No Clemente No Sutton = No Big12 Title.

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Gary Bedore’s Kansas basketball notebook

Sure his comments dont jump out at you, what did you expect him to say screw my announcement friday IM a Jayhawk. One thing they didnt mention that the Slant did is that he said my mom will support me. Well the fact his mom didnt come had alot of people doubting KU and he sure was fast to point out his mom supportng him..hmmmmmm. Not sure what to take of it but dont count of HCBS and Me Selby swaying him.

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Next year, title possible

Ku will not be 33-3 next year but will be a hell of a team. Im gonna hope X stays but I doubt it he needs another year, but his dad said it a few weeks ago if he is a 1st round pick hes gone and CJ, may go to which both are bad ideas. Cole probably gone but something tells me this loss will eat at him and he may be tempted to come back. As for next year I hope we do get Selby if not oh well, lets not forget EJ is a 5 star point whos ceiling is high. Morris boys will be special, and TT will be just fine lets get behind him as fans and not bash one of our own, once he finally sees the light bulb this kid will be amazing. Withey could easily be last years Cole, and TRob will be special also. Not to mention Relerford and Little who have only gotten better in practice. Expect a good team next year with some early losses, but once they find their identity March could be fun next year.
Rock Chalk Jayhawk

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The Great Debate: Wall vs. Henry

Typo I meant 2 first teamers.

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The Great Debate: Wall vs. Henry

Both X and Wall are rare amazing talents. The media loves Calipari so they will make a big deal out of him and his players always. Thanks to Seth Davis I see someone media has taken notice to X. During the LaSalle halftime Jason Williams gave credit to X saying he cant remember a freshman on a team with 1 first team all americans and leading the team in scoring, which is a good point. Both are good, both will be starts at the next level. But I did see one mock draft having Tyshawn higher then X and I love TT game but really people are nuts bottom line lol

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Turner Gill introduced as new KU football coach

Worked for me, and my first impressions of Coach Gil is that he carries himself well, is well spoken, and I get the feeling recruits will wanna play for him. Rock Chalk

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