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Boot Camp opens; ‘nobody threw up’

Love me some AW3!

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Johnson signs one-year deal to play with team in Poland

That Burke shot should have never went up. EJ plowing over McGary was clearly a defensive foul. McGary should have been on the line.

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KU basketball notebook: Self still saying no to KU-MU

Let me get in on this Mizzou bashing.


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New TV deal expands KU athletics coverage, access

Being a Comcast subscriber here in Chicago, looks like I'm getting screwed. I guess there are a lot of grainy games at my desktop in the near future.

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Self foundation donates millions toward city rec center

I'm probably in the minority on this one.....

Wiggins can represent Canada every 4 years just like Lebron and Durant represent the USA. He needs to get his butt to Larryville asap.

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James Naismith's boyhood home for sale; 4-year-old KU fan sad to see Jeff Withey, Elijah Johnson go

Yep she will be have a panic attack in no time. Welcome to my life.

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Houston looking to deal T-Rob

I question any organization who is looking to free up money for Dwight Howard.

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Basketball notebook: Top 2014 recruit considers KU

I say let him slip. Then when he kills it in the NBA all these talking heads will have to eat crow.

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Basketball notebook: Top 2014 recruit considers KU

Haha, below the belt

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