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Duke's Krzyzewski on Kansas: 'They're really good'

March/April quality basketball in November. Gotta love sitting-on-the-edge-of-your-seat hoops before Thanksgiving. KU, Indiana, and Duke will be favorites to win their conferences, so you gotta be jacked to see the 'Hawks show up BIG in these games!

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Self still seeking rebounding help as KU prepares for top-ranked Duke

Highly encouraged, despite the loss. Amazing college game - in November! Onward to NYC to face Duke! I love that we will play anyone, anywhere, anytime. Gonna be a great year!

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Tom Keegan: Azubuike flashes potential in exhibition win

Only one nick name will do... U-DUNK-A

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KU's Self: Bob Knight not right this time

Grew up in Indiana during the Knight hey-days, but you'll never catch me being a fan of his - never cared for his temper and he was well-known for yanking players if he got mad at them for their play. That said, to put into perspective his 902 wins, Self will need to average 25 wins per year for the next two decades to catch him - and will still be looking up to Pat Summit. Despite Knight's faults, I'll admit the guy could coach.

I have a feeling that Sherron's shooting woes of late are directly related to being away from the family and newborn that just arrived. Mentally, that's tough to handle. Congrats on the new arrival, Sherron. Fatherhood is a great blessing, be grateful for it daily.

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Gary Bedore’s KU basketball notebook

As a ref myself, you hate to make a call like that, but it is the rule. Tough break that it was #5, but the refs got together with the coaches and got it right. Cole did the classy thing and apologized and James knows it wasn't intentional, just wrong place at the wrong time in an agressively played game.

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Henry gets physical for KU

Let's not forget the typical role of a freshman: get to campus, get beat up in practice while hoping for playing time, and get a chance to contribute as a sophomore if you don't red-shirt. Xavier (and less we forget Elijah and Thomas) have made significant contributions to the #1 team in the country. Not very many 18 year old kids can do that. Props to all of them.

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