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Kansas basketball aiming for improved 3-point defense against hot-shooting Wofford

Tread carefully on that one. Not calling an upset, but Wofford is a lot better than people think. They smacked Frank Martin's (Yes, the former K-State, nail-spittin' coach) South Carolina team by 20... on their home court. "Mid-majors" on the east coast have plenty of really talented guys to pick from in their backyard that are passed up by the blue bloods - i.e. Furman (another small South Carolina school - just like Wofford) is now ranked.

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Report: KU and Les Miles negotiating contract

For what it's worth, I heard a rumor this summer that Long/Miles was a package deal back when the AD search narrowed down. Rumor was: Long would only come if he could bring in Miles and Miles would only come if Long was AD. You never know what is discussed behind closed doors...

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Last Stand: No. 3 Jayhawks surge past No. 4 Baylor in final minutes, 67-65

Landon won't throw a teammate under the bus, but Svi has been terrible on the defensive end lately. On the play in question, Svi was very late recovering in transition. Prior to that play, Svi was in la-la land several times allowing his man to blow by him and way too late on help defense. Other players have been in "funks" at times this year. Svi is in one now.

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2017 PG Trae Young picks Oklahoma

Not surprised at all. Not so sure it was about staying home. It was much more about that he wanted "the keys to the program" at OU. That was clear from the video earlier this year. He wants the spotlight, not unlike most 18 year olds these days. At KU, nobody gets "the keys to the program." I, for one, am glad to see that when kids come here, they first must understand they are "one part of the program", not the key to it. I have a hunch KU will be just fine.

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Streak Stopped: Jayhawks slip against Iowa State, suffer first home loss

Actually saw this one coming. Battle for league lead in last game + grudge match in next game = trap game. All it takes is a veteran team like ISU to get hot from 3 and, wha-la, trap game defeat. Hey, to give up 18 3's and still have a chance to win... there may only be a handful of teams in the country with a shot at that. KU's gotta look at the turnovers as the lost opportunity and you gotta give ISU credit for shooting lights out and not giving up.

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Tom Keegan: Schedule takes Kansas behind the eight ball

Enjoy the ride. We watch and cheer a team of kids/young men play a game of basketball. Tons of great teams out there that are fun to watch... ours just happens to be one of the best. They'll play great.

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Tom Keegan: Josh Jackson an overachiever and great talent all in one

Best article Keegan has written. Couldn't quite connect all the dots on what made Jackson so special on the court, but playing like you are trying to earn the last spot on the team in try-outs every game is hitting the nail on the head. Well put, Tom. Obviously, this carries over into his off the court life too. Wonderful student-athlete!

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Perimeter-oriented attack carries KU past Georgia

Basketball in general is in a transition toward smaller, faster lineups. Everyone (coaches and players) is still figuring out how to best play with a small lineup. Bigs - Landon and Carlton - look a little lost to me as far as learning and to how they fit into this different system. It isn't the High-Low offense they are used to. Udoka not so much because he doesn't have the experience of playing in the High-Low. Direct evidence is the high number of fouls so far. Still, after watching a lot of other teams this week in early season tourneys, KU looks pretty darn good. By Big XII play, I think we will be watching a well-oiled machine.

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Time to step up: Lagerald Vick helps KU dispose of Siena

Here's a crazy thought... start Vick until Josh figures out the foul issue. My hunch would be that Josh coming off the bench for a few games might be the ticket. Let him watch the flow of the game and them come in and nail it. Self has done it before with others, Oubre comes to mind, and it worked out pretty well for him.

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Notebook: Jackson 'sparked' Jayhawks in second half; KU-Stanford create series

Love the grit of this team! Josh is a quick study. It won't take long for him to figure out how to channel that incredible competitive nature and then - look out. It'll be Fearless Frank-like... unstoppable. Props to the AWESOME veterans to get to him in the heat of those moments. AND props to Josh for the maturity to listen to the older, wiser, been-there guys. It's all a part of learning to play big time college basketball.

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