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Arkansas LB Drew Sanders opts out of Liberty Bowl matchup vs. Kansas

I think David Jaynes, quarterback had his career shortened by his injury during a bowl game

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Examining the role of the search firm in KU's quest to find its new athletic director

Energetic Head Football Coach: Like, 'Pepper Rogers?'

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Emilianov, Anderson win Big 12 titles for KU track on final day of Big 12 Championship

Agree, poor article to not give more names and details. Should have short video also. Waiting all year and we just get numbers on podium, no names, no events. The author of the report is 'Staff'. , This is weak and any KU School of Journalism student would do better.

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Former Notre Dame backup center Colin Grunhard transferring to KU

We can't keep hiking it to the BAND.

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James Sosinski joins other KU football seniors in transfer portal

I suspect the transfer decisions were a result of conversations with KU Staff, and and family and not arbitrary or capricious.

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UT's Herman and KU's Miles optimistic their teams will meet as planned

You can cancel the game, just don't go! I relish the idea that so many of
the youthful players have made dramatic strides during this awkward year.
They have improved because of their effort and experience and coaching.. Many have talked about our need for 'player development', and it is occuring in front of our eyes, and it makes me excited about the future of KU Football. This game is a gift of experience of younger players.

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The case for calling off Saturday's Kansas football finale vs. Texas

It has been argued that younger players 'need reps, game experience' , the texas game is a gift. It should have never been suggested that should not be played. Reps, Reps, Reps. Matt Tait you are wrong on this issue. Jayhawks Football need experience, spring practice, game preparation, all of it, and to just 'stop'? Your arguments are not well thought out.

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