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AP source: Texas, Oklahoma talk to SEC about joining league

Im not fond of the thought of going to the Big 10 or ACC.

With the Big 10 you have to kiss the ring of Ohio State and the Michigan teams kinda like how it is with the Big 12 with Oklahoma and Texas.Plus big10 isnt really exciting or alot of parity.

Same goes with the ACC You got to kiss the Rings of Clemson, North Carolina, and Florida State like Oklahoma and Texas in the Big 12.same thing no parity.

Personally I wish KU KSU and Texas Tech could go to Pac-12 There is no team that usually just wins almost all the time like the big 10 or acc! Pac 12 is just run better.

Yes I know we have lost 4 teams but this is not the same.You know this seems like a bullying tactic done kind of like sports teams who say they will move to another town if they dont get a new stadium. Just wait and see

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Ranking KU football's 2020 matchups, from most to least winnable

Is there even going to be a season?Dont matter till we know or not!

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No. 3 Kansas earns tough win over No. 16 West Virginia in Big 12 opener

It sounded like a interesting game!Of course we cant see it unless we get that retarded ESPN + Not going to have to pay more ill just catch the highlights on TV! KU (Little 12-2 teams)this plus thing sucks!

Glad we got the win today!

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Jeff Long: KU football 'far closer' now to meeting expectations

So far so good! I think he did as good as it could get this season.He impressed me more in his first year than Gil,Beaty or Weis ever did.We shal see!Time will tell

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KU announces multiyear agreement to reignite Border Showdown rivalry with Missouri

Like I have stated in opinions before After Maryland left the ACC, The ACC said ok so be it no more tournaments or any ACC activity in Baltimore or any ACC events in Maryland!And Maryland did not get vile and nasty like Misery did! They just had a breakup!

What does The Big 12 do when Misery leaves and says vile things as they walk out the door?Well they open the door and give them hugs and tell them they love them!What the big 12 should have done was to just have no tournaments in Misery or any Big 12 activity!How does that make any 5 states seeing a state that flew you the bird get all the revenue in this!And KU and all the schools in the big 12 have stood there and took it!

I do not even care 1 way or the other if we play this Misery team in this game at all do not get me wrong, really I want the beast teams in the Pac-12,ACC,SEC, or B1G playing against KU!But do not get on Jeff Long get on the Big 12 for putting the tournaments in KCMO!

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KU announces multiyear agreement to reignite Border Showdown rivalry with Missouri


It started when the Little 12-2 caved in and let the Big 12 tournament Basketball stayed in Kansas City Missouri!

When Misery left it should have left!When Maryland left the ACC for the B1G There were no more ACC Anythingn tourneys or anything ACC I in Baltimore or Maryland!

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KU announces multiyear agreement to reignite Border Showdown rivalry with Missouri

If it was such a Big deal for Us KU fans and the Big 12 giving money and or helping Misery why do they still do the Big 12 Tourney in Kansas City Missouri?Where is the money grab worry about giving the state of Misery all the Big 12 Tourney money!5 States in the conference do not get to host a tourney just saying!

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KU announces multiyear agreement to reignite Border Showdown rivalry with Missouri

Hey do not get down on Jeff Long he appears to be doing good for all of KU Athletics!Something we need and we havent had for a long time!At least he is looking out for all of KU Sports!

Come on people think! Before you go off and hearing over and over Misery leaving and them being traitors and all that B.S. hey did we not learn anything yet from the Saturday football game vs the Shorthorns?We had one of the best games they almost won and was a interesting game even if we lost it was close and we couldnt watch it!Im no misery fan, but This Longhorn Network and Texas Longhorn B.S. is the reason Nebraska,Colorado, Texas A&M and Misery left the conference!We couldnt see it because the Shorthorns have their own network and opposed a Big 12 network!Every major conference (B1G, Pac-12, SEC, and ACC) got a network and we never will the way things are!Bfore we go on these rants against Misery Like I said no fan of them but lets remeber the real problem with our conference! Also TCU and West Virginia havent lived up to great expectations either!

On the whole I can go either way on this Misery game every year!Id like to see KU Basketball play a good opponent from the Pac-12,SEC,ACC, and B1G!If Misery fits in and has a decent record well so be it otherwise ill pass if the team overall sucks!

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Inconsistency at root of KU offense's issues before OC shakeup

You got it!I wish Pac 12 would take 5 Big 12 teams.Kansas, Oklahoma,Kansas State, Oklahoma Stte and Texas Tech.All 5 of us would be a great add I want out let the Shorthorns just destroy some other conference somewhere else!

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