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Should KU be worried about getting dumped from a Power 5 Conference? The financial stakes are huge

How much money does KU generate for the Big 12 and how much money does the conference pay KU? Won't that be a factor in realignment?

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KU Cheer Team placed on probation for hazing, other offenses; report alleges initiation involved nudity of cheerleaders

Dirk, when you said, "Scandal does sell so good for LJW," did you mean that they should not have reported on these allegations?

The report in The Collegian ( is from May 4, nine days ago, so LJW did not rush into print with the story. That report has a lot of information (such as the names of accused coaches) that is not on It doesn't look like the LJW is playing this up at all.

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Tom Keegan: Billionaires latest to hear Matt Baty's stadium-renovation pitch

Dale, you say, "Give it the five years. Then fire if the progress is not clearly there." I've seen that claim a lot. Do you have any evidence to support it?

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Tom Keegan: Competitive football teams, not shiny stadiums, draw crowds

Sorry. That's not true. KSU kept Snyder because he went 5-6 in his second year and 7-4 in this third. The three years before Snyder was hired. the Timid Kitties were 2–9, 0–10–1, and 0–11. Before KSU hired Snyder, the school had the worst overall record in the history of college football. KSU kept Snyder because he wins and started winning quickly (in his 2nd and 3rd years).

Winning leads to long contracts; long contracts don't lead to winning.

The reason KSU has been wining a lot these last three decades is because they got rid of Stan Parrish and Ron Prince after only three seasons each and kept Snyder around because he wins.

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4-star New Orleans WR Devonta Jason decommits from Kansas

Could you please define "some progress in the win and losses column"? Since the team went 1-11, would 2-10 be "some progress"?

If the ball almost crosses the goal line, the team does not score a touchdown. If the ball almost goes between the goal posts, it does not count as a field goal. If the intended receiver almost catches the ball. it is not a reception. If a defender almost tackles the ball carrier, play does not stop.

Football is a cruel game: almost does not count.

So why should a coach get credit for almost recruiting players? Almost does not count.

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Hectic Sunday also brings three additions to KU football's 2018 recruiting class

Immediate wins? Since when is "within three years" the same as "immediate"? And wasn't it Beaty who said the team could win six games in 2017?

I can't read minds the way you apparently do but my guess is that almost everyone who is unimpressed with Beaty's progress to date would be thrilled with six victories.

How many wins do you predict in 2018?

Other than wins, what would indicate progress to you?

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How college football programs have fared since 2014 coaching changes

John, do you really think that rude insults are persuasive? Tom presents facts and numbers and this is the best you can come up with? Your insults lack relevance, creativity, and intelligence. Have you considered using facts and reason? Every KU graduate should learn and employ critical thinking skills.

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Tom Keegan: KU's undisciplined football showing grants chancellor chance at mulligan

1. How do you know they have a plan?

2. What is the plan?

3. How will we know whether the plan is working?

4. When will the plan succeed?

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Tom Keegan: KU's undisciplined football showing grants chancellor chance at mulligan

John Brazleton, do you read everyone's mind or only Tom Keegan's?

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Unfriendly Affair: Despite inspired start, Jayhawks can't keep up with No. 3 Oklahoma

Have the Jayhawks suffered more injuries this year than the other teams in the Big 12? Have those injuries been more serious? If so, is it solely due to bad luck or are other factors involved? Would better conditioning or a better grasp of fundamentals reduce injuries?

What is the coach's role in reducing injuries?

Please note that these are questions. I don't know the answers..

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