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Reed game-winner highlights annual KU alumni classic

The NCAA has "paperwork" for him still, they'll have him cleared to play by December of 2014.

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Wiggins followed heart in signing with Jayhawks

“I kept texting him."

Easy there HCBS, don't want to invite a Kelvin Sampson like investigation, NCAA won't touch Calimari but they would come after us.

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Self downplays run-in with 'animated' Iowa State fan

Well, ISU fans picking up right where Fizzou fans left off, soon to be on their way to the most hated fans in the conference. Will never be an actual "rival", but it's good to have someone to hate.

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Mr. Big Shot: Naadir Tharpe’s field goal puts KU on top

aOSU doesn't deserve the league title, can't even sellout a game with first place on the line.

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Bill Self recalls last Richmond game

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KU-Mizzou match-up in NCAA tournament wouldn’t shock Self

“I wouldn’t be surprised if it does happen because they are going to be really good in basketball and hopefully we’ll continue to be OK,” Self added.

Ah Self-depricating humor at its best.

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KU-Mizzou match-up in NCAA tournament wouldn’t shock Self

It would have to be this year though because I don't see fizzou consistently making the tourney from here on out and we certainly aren't going to meet up in the NIT or the CBI.

I imagine the next matchup will come in the CBE Classic at the Sprint Center maybe like 10 years from now.

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Baker’s dozen: Twelve Wildcats (and two coaches) products of Lawrence high schools

Most look rather tooly, and since I'm sure that most of them will read this, yeah I'm looking at you #53.

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Rivals boosts KU commit Brannen Greene into top 25

“My son fell because he was injured (and missed some AAU ball),” Sonny told the Chicago Sun Times. “He’s still ranked No. 1 everywhere else. He’s national player of the year with two gold medals, three state championships. What more could he do? The rankings are overrated anyway."

Don't sound so butt-hurt duder, 1 or 2, everyone knows your son is good, probably good enough to jump straight to the nba.

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Batter up: Bill Self to play softball

MLB sensations?

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