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5 and Oh My: Kansas survives late scare, hangs on to beat Iowa State 14-11

@ David, Mickey and who ever else,

David Lawrence and Brandon McAnderson, they felt the same way about the 2nd INT as I do. They said it was an INT on the radio vall and sideline analysis.

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5 and Oh My: Kansas survives late scare, hangs on to beat Iowa State 14-11


He had possession of the ball all the way until his elbow hit the ground. Then, he regained control and the ball did NOT touch the ground.

Yes, it turned out that Kansas ended up in better field position due to the MISTAKE of over turning the interception.

But, I've seen many calls where receivers were given the reception with the same scenario happening and the reception was recorded as the receiver MAINTAINED possession of the ball and the ball never touched the ground/turf.

Nonetheless, great win.......

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5 and Oh My: Kansas survives late scare, hangs on to beat Iowa State 14-11

Great DAY for Alumni, Fans and DEFENSIVE UNIT..........

Cobee Bryant had 2 picks.......

Absolute terrible over-turned call by Referee.
Nonetheless, the Defensive Unit carried the load today.......

Credit to ISU for Defensive adjustment after Jayhawks went up by 14.

Last time Jayhawks Football was 5-0, the witch hunt was in full effect.

This time around, this KU AD will have to fend off the Greedy TRAITORS from the Northlands......

Hey Trev Alberts,

Urban Meyer is looking for a new job!

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With Iowa State as the standard, Kansas football sets sights on taking down the Cyclones this week to move to 5-0

Does anyone really ever pay attention to the stupid questions that get asked before being able to read these sports stories?

Today's question to me, asking if I had heard of all the different Military Branches.

Answer: I marked all.

Question 2: Which branch would I consider purchasing?

Answer: I don't intendto buy.

Question 3: In the next 6 Months which one would I consider purchasing?

Answer 3: Skip the question....

I mean really..........


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Kansas football just misses cracking into this week's AP Top 25

Let's see how Jayhawks do in Game #5......

Yes, significant gains have been made in 2022.

But, Writers will desire to see how Jayhawks fare against Iowa State this coming weekend.

K-State did a great job of beating Sooners in Norman. Looks more like Cats took Tulane for granted and HC Fritz & staff made HC Klieman and staff pay for such oversight.


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Still Unbeaten: Kansas football tops Duke 35-27 to move to 4-0 on the season

What a MAJOR difference in just 15 months......

Hired late April/early May of 2021.

Still a ways to go.........

But MAN, what a difference Coach Leipold and staff have done with this football team.....

In JUST 15 Months of time.......

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Kansas football searching for ways to avoid slow starts

This same story has been written every season for the last 10 years or more.


However, I beleve HC LL and Staff will that issue fixed going forward....

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Kansas officials announce a sellout for Saturday's KU football game vs. Duke

Stadium capacity is now below 50,000?


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Jalon Daniels' masterful performance leads Kansas to emphatic 48-30 win at Houston


I've been signed on full time since the late 70's when I was a youngster amd all my surrounding HS Alumni members are all Silo-Tech supporters.

We've endured some bad times for sure. Truly hope Coach Leipold and staff does not leave Lawrence, KS.

The OC will become a prime target though.

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Kansas football team's offense among nation's best through 2 games, but tougher challenges await

“This is a whole different animal,” he (Dana Holgerson) said. “I mean, this is a lot of offense. They're really good up front. They brought a couple of kids with them from Buffalo that can really play that know the offense. This staff's unique now. I mean, they've been together for a while, and they do a lot of stuff. So, it takes continuity within your coaching staff to be able to do all this stuff. We’ve got our work cut out for us defensively.”

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