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Tom Keegan: Jayhawks lacking leadership needed to win on road

Our guards feel like they have to force it on offense because we have NO offensive threat at the 5. Mickelson gives us 10x the threat on offense than Lucas. Hunter is also great on defense. I can't believe Traylor plays over Mick also, big men score at will over him.

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Ellis' huge day earns top spot after KU's comeback win over UT

In Self I trust, but I'd sure like to see more Mickelson. I feel he has the best balance of offense and defense. Lucas has no offense or confidence shooting the ball. Traylor is too small on both ends and Diallo is too raw. Just my opinion.

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The Day After: Toppling TCU

Excellent Post Michael. My thoughts too. I think Mickelson is key to this team down the road. He starts games well then never sees the court again. I like his confidence and balance on both ends of the court. I can't stand to watch Lucas miss another 1 foot shot. Traylor doesn't have the size we need.

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Tom Keegan: Televised or not, Jayhawks handle road test

Just watched the game on Dish Network. My thoughts....

This game had the feel of a Big 12 road game, say against KSU. They had a cheesy announcer that went nuts anytime they scored and fans that booed at every call. SDSU played like it was their season on the line (it may have been.)

We came out intense and shooting lights out. I thought this was one of the better halves we played all year. Hunter looked confident and played very well at both ends at the start. Ellis, Graham, and Mason played hard all night, again. As stated above, Seldon hardly played much in the first half. But again we saw aggressive, Korean Wayne in the second half.

Hunter got beat back on Defense once and then got the bench mid 1st half and didn't seem to play much after. Lucas had a short appearance on defense, but looked weak and slow. Bragg had some excellent rebounds (again), but only to be outdone by Traylor, who played his butt off. He fought harder than ever on the glass on both ends. Nice minutes for Green who looked more emotionally under control. Svi didn't play much and missed 2 threes.

I'm thinking our five spot is currently: Hunter when against a big man or in a slow game. Fast games Bragg then Traylor then Diallo. Lucas gets the bench.

Merry Xmas, time for a break. A ll the players get to fly straight home from San Diego... very nice!!!

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Tom Keegan: Jayhawks form special bond at Final Four

Looking around online and I can't seem to find when we play and on what network. Could anyone help? Thanks!

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Landen Lucas, Jamari Traylor sit as precaution

Tough game to judge the bigs. Looks like we'll have to wait until January to find out who can defend and score against size. I'm putting my money on Mickelson, Bragg, Diallo, then Lucas. To me, Perry and Jamari are not bigs. Just my opinion.

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Tom Keegan: Don’t swear off KU just yet

I felt the same way last year as I saw us repeatedly try to pound the ball down low only to get stuffed repeatedly. i'm excited to see Bill use the 3 ball and dribble penetration so far more this year. If only we could have someone AVERAGE down low on offense. Our only hope (and the future of this year) relies on Lucas or Mick. I'm putting my money on Mick.

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Tom Keegan: Don’t swear off KU just yet

I thought last year's team was the weakest in the Self area. How spoiled we've become.

This year our 1-4 positions are improved, especially if Korean Wayne keeps showing up. However, it so stinks we don't have a center to anchor this team. If we did, I'd say we'd be the best team in the country. I'd love to have Lucas prove me wrong, but he's currently almost worthless on offense. I'd like to see Mick get some more minutes.

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SMU's Moore, Florida Gulf Coast's DeBose enjoyed filling in for KU

Most important addition to your list... whoever is playing Mizzery.

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Germany hopes size, defense can disrupt Team USA offense in gold-medal game

It's great that we are learning ways to score besides the low block. Hunter and Lucas seem to be improving on defense and rebounding, but are still bad scoring on the block. Ellis is too small when nrear the rim with defense in position.

On a positive note, what a game!! Seldon is playing like an All American! Bragg has swag, and Vick is getting more comfortable by the minute.

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