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KU opens postseason as AP's No. 1

Should we make it to regionals, the 4-5 seeds look tougher than the 2 seeds:
4 seeds potentially include Duke, Kentucky, Maryland, Arizona. I'd rather play Villanova, Xavier, UNC, and Oregon.

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Self: Three players obvious for All-Big 12

It's nice to give the young stars some minutes, but when it comes to crunch time, I'd much rather see Mick get the minutes over Diallo and Bragg.

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Tom Keegan: NCAA changes make for prettier game

Get ready for Saturday's barrage of Whistles and Boos. KSU's game plan will be to hack, push, whine, and boo at EVERY whistle. If I was going, I'd make a Boo Counter sign.

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Notebook: Frank Mason III’s toughness shows up vs. WVU

Looks like Buddy has a chance at #2 at OU. Never heard of 2-4. You?

1. Wayman Tisdale 1983-85 2,661
2. Jeff Webster 1991-94 2,281
3. Tim McCalister 1984-87 2,275
4. Darryl Kennedy 1984-87 2,097
5. Stacey King 1986-89 2,008
6. Buddy Hield 2013-16 1,957

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Did Bill Self overreact to Brannen Greene's dunk vs. K-State?

I think Self mad for many other reasons. He really threw Seldon under the bus to the media for the way he played. I'm also thinking he had to cover for Greene. Hopefully, he throttled way back behind closed doors. Greene should release some kind of apology on twitter or something then we should all move on.

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Svi Mykhailiuk sparks Jayhawks in rivalry win

Svi looked great last night, but doesn't have quick enough feet to guard superfast guards (which there are plenty of in this league). Perfect game for him last night and hopefully he'll shine again in Manhattan.

Our biggest problem is the one we've had all season, a big man who can score against size. Lucas is playing well on Defense, but I'm really hoping Mickelson can come back and take pressure off of the guards to score!

I love that a "down" year at KU means we've fallen to #7 and may end up with... GASP... a 3 seed!

What's the over/under on number of times the Boocats and their Crycoach will complain to the refs in Manhattan?

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Bill Self on the allure of Kansas vs. Kentucky

I like your plan, especially starting Mickelson. However, I read somewhere that he has a high ankle sprain and is questionable this weekend. Bummer. We REALLY need his offensive input.

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Going forward: Self trims big-man rotation to four

Mickelson!!!!!! Lucas serves no purpose on offense except to set moving screens..

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Tom Keegan: Kansas isn’t the best bet in NCAA's

Mickelson>Lucas>Traylor at the 5. Traylor has good heart, but is too small. Mickelson can actually score down low and is just as good as defender as Lucas.

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Minutes crunch: Bill Self again relies on veterans

Michelson>Lucas>Traylor. Having a scoring threat at the 5 would take tons of pressure off of our guards.

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