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Mitch Lightfoot included in All-Star contest

It's just a single game. I'm also waiting for the date/time. I'm hoping it'll be on a weekend. Could be a fun Jayhawk weekend in LV.
Honolulu would be a blast to see the Indiana game, but that's at Pearl Harbor and I imagine tickets will be tough/impossible.
I really wish the Duke game wasn't on a Tuesday night.

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Bill Self named AP Coach of the Year

They should vote after the Regionals. Buddy >>>> Valentine.

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Perry Ellis named second-team All-American by AP

Really? Wow. I'm happy if you're right, I thought Ellis had missed out.
The voters should really include the first rounds of the tourney when it's crunch time.

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Perry Ellis named second-team All-American by AP

Bummer for Ellis. I think if we had beaten Villanova and he had a decent game, he would have made 1st team over Brogden, Ulis, and maybe even arguably over Johnson. With 1st team on his resume, I think he was a lock to have his name hung in Allen Field House. Now I'm not so sure.

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Is point in Svi’s future? ‘I don’t think so’

Seldon is projected to go very late in the 1st. If he stays and improves, he could be a lottery pick. I'm thinking he stays, do you?

If he stays, where in the world would Jackson start with Graham, Seldon, and Svi returning? The only answer I can see is benching Mason. Or not getting Jackson.

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Devonté Graham's big night not enough for Kansas vs. Villanova

My thoughts:
If Seldon hits one of his late 3s, refs call a foul on the over the back and Lucas shoots FT's with 40 seconds, refs don't make bogus call against Graham, Svi takes the ball from Mason instead of cutting back (Graham in game would have been nice), etc, etc, etc. All we needed is 1 more big play:(
We wanted it more, held Villanova to 40 percent shooting. I don't think Perry should take take any additional blame on this one. They came after him. We needed Seldon to take over. He tried, but couldn't hit.

Rock Chalk. Go Buddy. I don't see how we lose anyone in the draft next year. So impressed how much Lucas's confidence and offense improved this season. Can't wait to see Bragg with 20 pounds + experience.

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Tom Keegan: Lucas pivotal player in battle of the bigs

If Lucas gets into foul trouble (likely), I'm betting Mickelson plays a huge roll tonight. We'll need his defense and size. I just hope his super lack of minutes the past 2 months hasn't made him too rusty.

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Louisville-bound: A guide for KU basketball fans

Skip the bat museum, I hear the Pitino recruiting parties are a lot more fun.

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Heading to Des Moines to watch the Jayhawks? What you should know

Make sure you check out Winterset, only about 30 minutes away. Home to Bridges of Madison County, John Wayne, and a cool old fashion downtown square.

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Tom Keegan: Strange bracket does KU no favors

KU isn't in the Midwest because they want MSU $$$ there. Guess they figured they would travel to Chicago more than KU fans.

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